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If you’re confused by call charges or don’t know your 03 from your 0845 numbers, then we have the perfect guide for you which Ofcom published this month.

There are so many different types of phone number these days that it can be hard keeping tabs on how much they cost to call. Ofcom’s guide looks at some of the common numbers in use today, what they are used for and how much it costs to call them from a BT landline.

You can then download the guide, print it off and keep it by your phone so that you’ve always got the facts at your fingertips.

Geographic numbers The guide gives you the lowdown on geographic numbers – numbers beginning 01 or 02 – as well as 03 numbers, which many organisations now use as an alternative to more expensive 08 numbers.

There’s also information on 030 numbers –used by not for profit organisations – and 07 mobile numbers and 070 personal numbers.

The guide explains all about 08 numbers, ranging from 0800 numbers – which are free to call from a landline – to 0843, 0844 and 0845 numbers, as well as 0870 numbers.

Finally the guide will tell you how much you can expect to pay if you call the more expensive 0871/2/3 numbers and premium rate 090 numbers.

Mobile costs The prices in the guide are based on the cost of calls from a BT landline and other providers’ prices may vary. Calls from mobiles will almost always be higher and you should check the costs of calls with your provider.

Mark Burcher