Communications Monthly Update: October 09

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This Update provides a list of recent Ofcom publications. It is a new initiative to group together a number of Ofcom Updates to simplify our communications with stakeholders. The Communications Monthly Update will be published on the first Tuesday of each month.

This month’s Update covers:

  • Consumer Bulletin
  • Media Literacy e-Bulletin
  • Office of the Telecommunications Adjudicator update
  • Licence variation: Freedom4
  • Timetable update to wholesale mobile call termination consultation
  • Radio licensing update
  • TV licensing update
  • Guidance on AVMS
  • Consumer protection test for telephone numbers

Consumer Bulletin

The quarterly Bulletin summarises recent work on consumer advice and protection. It also includes data on the number of calls on telecoms issues such as silent calls and slamming. The Consumer Bulletin can be found here: and the telecoms complaints data can be found here:

Media Literacy e-Bulletin

This month’s Media Literacy e-Bulletin features extracts from the latest edition of ‘Adults Learning’, the magazine of the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education. This includes analysis of the Digital Britain Report from a number of thinkers in this area, including Ofcom’s Stewart Purvis.

Office of the Telecommunications Adjudicator Update

The independent Office of the Telecommunications Adjudicator (OTA2) has today published its update for September 2009. This shows that at the end of September there were 6.12 million unbundled lines and 6.14 million Wholesale Line Rental lines. In addition, the number of telephone numbers using Carrier Pre-Select was 3.84 million. The update can be found here:

Licence variation: Freedom4

Ofcom has today published a statement approving a licence variation request from Freedom4, allowing the WiMAX provider to offer mobile wireless access. The statement can be found at:

Ofcom - Freedom4 Statement

Timetable update to wholesale mobile call termination consultation

Ofcom has published an update to the proposed timetable for its consultation on wholesale mobile voice call termination.

Radio licensing update

The Monthly Update provides information about Ofcom's broadcast radio licensing activity, including details of commercial radio licence re-advertisements, changes to the formats of stations, and community radio licence awards. This month, the update also includes details of how to apply for a grant from the Community Radio Fund. Details can be found here: Ofcom - Radio Licensing Update

Guidance on AVMS

The guidance on broadcasters’ compliance with Articles 4 and 5 of the Television without Frontiers Directive has been updated to give effect to the provisions of the Audio Visual Media Services Directive.

Consumer protection test for telephone numbers

The Consumer Protection Test for telephone number allocation focuses on communications providers who have used numbers to cause serious or repeated harm to consumers. Ofcom will not allocate 070 personal numbers, 0871/2/3 special service higher rate numbers and 09 premium rate numbers to anyone who appears on either of two lists. We strongly encourage all providers that assign telephone numbers to others to take best use of numbers and consumer protection into account and to refer to the following two lists that we are publishing when making assignment decisions. The latest ‘Under Assessment’ and ‘Number Refusal’ lists have been updated.

Mark Burcher