Delays to the Ofcom policy changes to 0870 Number Ranges

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Earlier this year, Ofcom announced some major changes to the 0870 Number Range which were due to be implemented by the 1st February, 2008

  • There will no longer be any Call Revenue on 0870 numbers
  • Mobile and Fixed-Line providers have to charge the same or less for 0870 calls as they do for National Rate Calls to UK Geographic Numbers (01 or 02).

Following an industry meeting last week, Ofcom have now advised TTNC and all other Operators that the date to implement these changes has slipped to later in 2008.

At the moment, it is unclear how long this delay may be, but it is likely to be in the region of 3 to 6 months.

The delay is linked to Health & Safety issues that have been identified in relation to the pre-call announcements which some Communication Providers were planning to provide to callers.

Mark Burcher of TTNC commented "We agree with Ofcom to delay the implementation of the proposed changes to 0870 numbers ranges, but in our view the proposed changes are not welcomed anyway, there are technical, financial and practical issues which we believe have still not been considered properly."

Mark Burcher