Delays to the Ofcom policy changes to 0871 Number Ranges

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Earlier this year, Ofcom announced that the 0871 number range is planned to come under the regulation of PhonePay Plus (formerly ICSTIS) on the 1st February 2008. However, due to a delay in the publication of the Code of Practice that will apply to this number range, the implementation of this regulation has also been delayed to later in 2008.

Some of the proposed changes to 0871 number range include;

  • 0871 numbers will be treated as Premium Rate 09 numbers and therefore be regulated by PhonePay Plus
  • Wherever 0871 numbers are displayed, the cost of the call (in pence per minute) must also be displayed
  • In addition, for broadcast material, where calls will exceed 50p, the pence per minute rate would also need to be spoken as well as visually displayed
  • Some services will require authorisation from PhonePay Plus, such as gambling lines and consumer credit services

TTNC has kept all customers informed about these proposed changes for the last 18 months and will continue to do so via emails and the News page and 0871 page in the TTNC main Web site -

Mark Burcher