Infographic - How the mobile phone has taken over the UK

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Is it really surprising that the mobile phone is becoming the dominant form of communication? The advancement in the technology makes them more than just a device for taking and receiving calls. All forms of communication go through a mobile phone now.

We focus on phone calls, it's the crux of the service we provide so that's not surprising either. Over the last couple of years we've seen a rise in businesses buying Local Numbers (starting 01 or 02). In 2013, 71% of numbers bought through our website were Local Numbers. This is because, as you’ll see in the infographic, the amount of calls being made from a mobile is on the rise and so people don't want to call 08 numbers; it costs too much.

Businesses are recognising they need to enable their customers to call them; it's still important to customers that they can call a business - and mobile phones have become a key part of that communication.

Mark Burcher