Non-geographic numbers - what to look for in 2013

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Just a quick post from us on Christmas Day. After all, whether it’s your day or not, it’s at least an opportunity for you to stop and spend a bit of time thinking about other things besides work and telephone numbers. If not, here’s a quick look into 2013.

Looking to 2013...

What can we expect from the new year? Well, in terms of Non-geographic numbers there’s a bit of change on the cards:

  • We’ve been talking about this a lot, but there’s potentially the reduction in call charges from the mobile providers. So, you could be calling 0800 numbers for free from your mobile and not paying 40p/min to call an 0844 number.
  • This has an impact on 03 numbers (which we wrote about a while back). Hopefully these numbers will go from strength to strength, but with the changes to 08 number call charges may be there’ll be a resurgence in the use of 08 numbers. This would be a shame seeing as the 03 numbers provide a great range of benefits.
  • Ofcom are continuing to work on the mobile providers to reduce forwarding rates to mobiles in general, so hopefully we’ll see a further reduction this year. It’s still funny that you can forward to far flung places in the world for cheaper than to a UK mobile.

We’ll call it a day there and simply look forward to 2013 with bated breath.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Mark Burcher