Ofcom prepares for 4G mobile auction

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Ofcom have announced that they want 'the benefits of 4G services to be available as soon as possible'.

This has begun with the publishing of plans for the UK’s largest single auction of additional spectrum for mobile services. They state:

'The consultation provides an assessment of how the distribution of this spectrum might impact future competition in mobile markets. It also includes proposals for the rules that should apply in the auction and more generally to promote competition and wide-spread availability of mobile broadband services.'

Subject to the consultation, the auction is expected to take place in the first few months of 2012. Hopefully we'll then be able to catch up with the US in using 4G to improve mobile broadband speeds making it almost comparable to current home broadband speeds.

Click here to read the consultation and to find out how to respond.

Click here to read the full news release.

Mark Burcher