Quick and efficient outbound SMS messaging to the masses


Most of us are permanently attached to our mobile phones, so being able to deliver a message directly into your customer's hand has got to be an effective.

Here are some ideas of what you could be sending:

  • Confirm appointments - People not turning up to appointments is wasting time, resource and is just annoying. Send an SMS message to remind them or request confirmation and cut down on wasted appointment slots.
  • Event reminders - The success of your event is dependent on people being there. But we all know people are busy and often forgetful. Timely SMS reminders will hopefully increase peoples awareness and the likelihood that they’ll attend.
  • Promotions - Got an exciting new product, service or promotion you want to share with your customer base as quickly as you can? Instant messaging will spread the word quickly.
  • Announcements - Share important updates quickly and easily with your staff, clients or customers.

This service is available to all of our customers through their account on the Novero Platform. All you have to pay for is the messages.

Visit the Outbound Bulk SMS page to find out more.

Mark Burcher