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For those of you who can’t stop working and don’t want people to know that really, you’re sitting next to a pool sipping on cocktails, we have a solution for you.

What you'll need:

You give out the TTNC Number, we then forward the calls to the mobile handset that you've taken away. Simple! The person calling has absolutely no idea that you're away (until they hear a kid in the background, jumping in the pool). This is also a great idea for those who travel a lot for business. If you're always on the move, switch on UK Ringtone and you can be anywhere in the world taking those calls.

Another use is those companies that have offices overseas but want to have a presence in the UK. By providing a UK number (along with a UK Ringtone), your callers will be none the wiser that you're based outside the UK.

If you search UK Ringtone on Google, our page is one of the top searches. Because of this, we get a lot of enquiries requesting more information.

To put it bluntly; No, we can not allocate UK Ringtone directly to your mobile handset.

I can understand the want for this service - it's never been made very clear whether it costs you as the caller to call someone abroad. Hearing a ringtone that is not familiar to you, puts you off from actually wanting to carry on with that call.

I'm not entirely sure why mobile providers haven't cottoned on to this and started adding it on. As Three are adding more and more international destinations that you can go to, and not pay roaming charges, I'm surprised they've not included it.

This being the case, I imagine that in the not too distant future, other mobile providers will be forced into not charging for roaming. This will result in a lot more people wanting it - gone are the days that people go on holiday and ensure their phone is switched off!

Michael Holden