How-To: Forward calls overseas without anyone knowing

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It must be coming up to holiday season because we’re getting more and more enquiries about our UK ringtone service. This simple service is great. Your callers hear a UK Ringtone no matter where in the world you may be receiving the call. People are more likely to wait for an answer if they’re calling a UK number and hear the familiar ring tone. I know I wouldn’t wait to be connected if I called a UK number and got an unfamiliar ringtone!

The thing with our service is that it can only be applied to one of our virtual numbers. But what if you don’t want to change your current number? All is not lost…

This came up only the other day, where someone wanted to apply the UK ringtone service to their existing work number. Their number was the main contact he had with his clients so it was too much to ask them to start ringing a different number. But he didn't want to raise any concern with them by his being overseas. The plan was to forward his work number to a mobile he was getting while in France.

Here's how we stuck ourselves in the middle so we could provide him with the UK ringtone:

  • He picked out a Local Number from TTNC that he would forward his work number to.
  • Once the call reached us, we would forward it to the mobile in France.
  • Because the call was going through our system, we could apply the UK ringtone to it.

Where can the calls go?

Put simply, as long as you can get the call to us, and you're forwarding it to a separate destination, then we can help you.

We often get asked whether we can apply the UK ringtone service to mobiles. Commonly in this scenario the mobile is the only number available for the customer to receive calls on. If they tried to do what we’ve described above, what you'd create is a loop, with the call going from the mobile to our number and then back to the mobile (and then back to our number and then back to the get the point).

As we've said, the call has to go to a separate destination number from where the call was originally received. The final destination can be a UK mobile that you're taking overseas, it can be an overseas landline or mobile, it doesn't really matter. We can forward calls to most places and we can always play the UK ringtone.

How about flexible call forwarding then?

Hopefully we've demonstrated that having the UK Ringtone service is ideal if you're looking to handle your calls while on holiday in another country, or even if your company is based abroad, opening up new opportunities for business.

With this service you can leave the UK, satisfied in the knowledge that customers will be blissfully unaware that you’re in another country. UK Ringtone can be purchased as a monthly Bolt On or on a yearly renewal, giving you great flexibility to adapt it to your needs.

Once you've got your new virtual number with TTNC you can enjoy the benefits of the UK Ringtone Bolt On, amongst many other services.

Mark Burcher