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If you're a large company, giving your caller's different options to select is a great way to get them to the right person to speak to. And if you're a small company, it can be a great way to make you look like a bigger organisation.

Virtual Receptionist is the name of our option based service. The recent launch of myTTNC (our online control panel) brings about a number of enhancements to Virtual Receptionist, meaning there's never been a better time to add this advanced service.

So what is Virtual Receptionist?

When you have Virtual Receptionist on your number, your caller will be greeted by a message that not only introduces your business, but outlines the different options available to them. For example, they could press '1' for sales, '2' for accounts or '3' for technical.

Virtual Receptionist even supports the ability to add multiple levels. So if your caller presses option '1' for sales, they can then be greeted by another message saying "press '1' for phone numbers, '2' for bolt ons or '3' for call credit. Press '4' to return to the main menu."

As you can see, this is a great customer service tool to help your callers get to where they want, without having needed to be passed from department to department (something we all dread at one time or another).

Setting up your Virtual Receptionist

Setting up or making changes to your Virtual Receptionist plan in our old control panel, the Novero Platform, was a pain. Due to the technical limitations of the Novero Platform, there was no easy way to manage your options. We briefly had the option to configure them a couple of years ago, but this was quickly removed as it didn’t work very well.

So what if you wanted to make any changes? You had to email our support team with the full plan of your Virtual Receptionist. Not a great process, especially if you only want to make a temporary change.

When designing myTTNC, we set about to completely change all this. We wanted to give you complete control, while at the same time, making it as easy as possible to use. When you go to the Call Forwarding section, select Virtual Receptionist from the drop down. Select the option you want to set up from the next drop down and then select the option type; this can be forwarding to a number, repeating the options or returning to the top level (if you have a multi level set up of course). Once the option has been added simply click it to set it up as you would any other number - it's as simple as that.

Select a Virtual Receptionist Option
Mark Burcher