Home Working - What we're doing and what you should do...

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With the spread of the Coronavirus, we are currently in uncertain times, with information and advice frequently changing.

We're sure your staff have been asking how they can contine to work after yesterday's announcement of 'social distancing' and the need to work from home where possible.

We feel that it is appropriate to reassure you of the steps we have taken at TTNC.

Mission-critical services

Thousands of businesses of all sizes depend on TTNC's platform to communicate with their customers, partners and teams every single day.

We appreciate and understand that the reliability of our platform, services and team are essential to our customer's success, and we have stringent processes in place to protect our customers, manage threats and reduce risks.

International Standards

TTNC's ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications require robust business continuity plans to be in place. Our business continuity plans have been created after identifying and addressing risks and making sure we've considered all areas of our business.

What we are doing

With immediate effect, we have rolled out special measures to mitigate the impact of the current restrictions to ensure we can continue to deliver our services to you.

  • To restrict 'non-essential' travel and contact, we have closed our office, and our entire team is now working remotely from home.
  • We are using our VoIP service together with pre-configured VoIP desk phones or our Softphone Apps for mobile and desktop, and our phone lines are operating as usual.
  • Our support team is using a cloud-based Help Desk and Ticketing system to manage and resolve any issues you may encounter, meaning there will be minimal disruption, should you need any help.
  • Our customer services team is using a cloud-based CRM to manage and deal with any enquires from new and existing customers, and the team can access all the information they need when required.
  • We are providing Live Chat support on our website and customer control panel during standard working hours, which are 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday.

What you should do

Think about the tools you need

Do you have access to everything you need to take calls and respond to customer enquiries? Can you access files from home, do you need to think about cloud storage? What about collaboration with colleagues, will the apps you use in the office be accessible from home?

Will you need to update your Forwarding Destinations to be home numbers rather than the office lines? Do you use VoIP? Will you take calls on the TTNC Softphone App?

Think about your home working environment

Do you have a suitable, dedicated working space - a dining table is fine, on the sofa in front of the TV may not be.

If you're taking VoIP Hardware from the office, do you need a power supply and can you connect the phone to your router via an ethernet cable?

Think about how to communicate with colleagues

It's easy to feel 'cut off' from your colleagues, without being able to have a quick chat with another member of your team. Do you use an instant messaging app, or will you have to rely on WhatsApp?

Using our VoIP service? If so, you can see the status of other VoIP Users on the same number with the BLF buttons and you can also make free internal calls to them.

Keep focussed

Start your day as if you're going into the office. Follow your normal routine, and structure your day - without the usual office interactions you can quickly lose focus, add to that, the temptations of home it's essential to segment your day.

Don't panic

Yes, the spread of Coronavirus is worrying, but as long as you're following the advice from the World Health Organisation about avoiding close contact and cleaning hands and surfaces often, you can limit potential exposure.

How TTNC can help

Your TTNC number can be forwarded to any UK Landline, UK Mobile, VoIP User or international destination. - The Forwarding Destination can be changed at any time.

If your office is closing, and you’re all working from home for a period, you can add a Call Greeting or Information Line to your number, to inform your customers of the situation. You can upload your own recording to myTTNC, or alternatively, you can use our Professional Voice Recording service. You can use our Time Based Forwarding Bolt On to route your calls to different destinations depending on the time of day.

You can keep your customers up to date with your working routines by send Outbound SMS from your TTNC Numbers.

Using our VoIP Service means you have access to the TTNC Softphone App. You will be able to receive your inbound calls, as well as making outbound calls displaying your TTNC number, directly from our app on your mobile. The App allows you to import your contacts and show the availability of other VoIP Users, helping you collaborate with the rest of your team. Alternatively, we can supply VoIP Hardware, which is pre-configured with your VoIP credentials to ensure it’s as simple as “plug & play” once delivered on the next working day.