Blockchain could be used to manage UK telephone numbers

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has given Ofcom £700,000 to research how blockchain technology c

Virtual Numbers
New rules to combat high call costs and scams

From October 1st 2019, phone users will have protection from high charges for calling ‘070’ numbers. These numbers are ofte

New rules to stop nuisance calls

Ofcom, the UK's Communications regulator, has introduced new rules to prevent people from receiving unwanted calls which co

What is TTNC doing to be GDPR ready?

As many of you will be aware, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force on 25th May 2018

TTNC awarded the ITSPA Quality Mark

As a VoIP provider of 12 years and counting TTNC is proud to have been awarded the Internet Telephony Service Provider’s Association (ITSPA) Quality Mark.

TTNC's Infrastructure

As more and more companies migrate to using voice over IP and cloud-based communications services, there are growing concerns about the security and reliability of these types of services.

New TTNC Blog

The start of a new year means the release of the new TTNC Blog.

The new TTNC Help Centre & Developer Hub is now live

TTNC is pleased to announce the launch of our comprehensive new Help Centre and Development Hub

ISDN shutdown & the migration to SIP

There has been much deliberation in the industry as to when BT might switch off the PSTN and ISDN networks but there has ne

Switch providers with a text | Roam for less | £1.8m fine for Three

I have mixed feelings towards the news. I’m happy to see change, that as a consumer, we can benefit from. But when it highl

Infrastructure upgrades and introducing Docker Containers

Last year we completed a significant infrastructure upgrade. This included moving our entire infrastructure on to new hardw

myTTNC update - User Logins and Permissions

We’re very pleased to announce the latest enhancement to our service. This is one I’m sure will please a lot of our custome

EE fined £2.7 million |

Mobile phone providers give us a lot to talk about. We’re using their services more than ever. Understandably how they go a

Industry Highlights - November 2016

What’s happened since our last blog post? Well, Vodafone have been fined £4.6 million, voice call volumes continue to fall

Industry Highlights - September 2016

A good broadband service is a lifeline to most businesses these days. And with the increasing uptake of VoIP (Voice over In

Industry Highlights - August 2016

I always enjoy when Ofcom’s Communications Market Report comes out! There’s normally a gem of a stat or two. Here are just

Industry Highlights - June 2016

A theme about change seemed appropriate this week. The ability to change is a key aspect of consumer protection. Looking ba

Industry highlights - May 2016

It’s understandable that Ofcom will spend quite a bit of time looking at the mobile phone industry. From their recent resea

E.164 formatting on Caller IDs

If you currently terminate calls made to your TTNC virtual number to a SIP or IAX address, please read the notice below as

A note from the boss: where it all began 10 years ago

Let me start by admitting that I am a complete and utter nerd when it comes to data and numbers. I’m out of control! I love

5 new features to celebrate myTTNC's 2nd birthday

Earlier this month, myTTNC turned 2 years old. In that time, we’ve been constantly working hard to make our control panel m

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