Company News - November 2020

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I hope all of you are keeping safe and well.

As the English lockdown continues and we find ourselves in the 8th month of working from home, some positive news about vaccines is emerging. I dare say that most people will have had enough of Covid and the restrictions it brings to our lives, so to see light at the end of the tunnel is very exciting and encouraging.

New team member

We would like to offer a warm welcome to Caroline Simpson who joins our Customer Services team this month. Caroline has worked in Customer Services, Project Management and Data Analysis roles for the past 12 years. We would like to wish her good luck and give her a warm welcome.

More Vacancies

We are also looking for a Full Stack Developer and Senior VoIP Network Engineer to join our team. If you are interested, or know somebody who might be interested, you can find more information on our careers page.

Covid response support update

Back in March, we made a pledge.

We promised to help any business, organisation or person who was responding to the Covid-19 crisis by providing them with free services to help their communities.

So far we've helped countless groups across the UK with free services and hundreds of thousands of minutes.

We are sticking by that commitment, and it's our vow to continue to offer our services for as long as it's needed so if you know someone we can help, please send them our way.

Industry and Regulation News

Ban on selling locked mobile handsets

Mobile phone companies will be banned from selling ‘locked’ handsets, under a range of new rules from Ofcom that will make switching even simpler.

This will allow people to move to a different network with their existing handset, hassle-free. The new rules will come in from December 2021. Read more

Product and Services News

Easily change CLI's on SIP Trunks

We recently made a change to myTTNC to allow you to easily switch the default outbound CLI from your SIP Trunk to a registered non-TTNC number. This gives you greater control over your outbound calls, and means that you'll display the correct numbers on your calls. Read More

07 UK Mobile Numbers for sale

Over the years, we've had many requests for mobile numbers. We're pleased to announce that we can now supply virtual UK Mobile Numbers. Our genuine mobile numbers can be configured within myTTNC, use the same features and services you're used to, as well as having the ability to receive inbound SMS via myTTNC. Read More

End of life for 070 Personal Numbers

Last November, we released our 070 Personal Numbers, making them available to purchase. These were previously "Follow Me" numbers, and had a higher cost to call.

Ofcom had set the wheel in motion to transition these across to be mobile numbers, but the progress within the industry has been slower than expected, and the functionality is not quite there yet. To ensure these are not purchased by mistake, we have made the decision to remove these from our website. If you currently have a 070 number from us, and would like to swap this to a UK Mobile Number, please let us know.

New Voice Artists

This month saw three more Voice Artists join our list of available artists on hand to record your professional Call Greeting, IVR intro or Voicemail greetings.You are now able to listen to examples and request your script to be recorded by "Female Bright 2", "Male Corporate 4" and "Male Warm 2" within myTTNC.

As Christmas fast approaches, our studio and Voice Artists get busier, so make sure you plan ahead and get your scripts over to us soon.

Did You Know?

There are three ways to make outbound calls displaying your TTNC Number?

The simplest and most cost-effective way to make an outbound call displaying your TTNC number is with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). This is a way to make and receive calls over the internet, similar to Skype and Whatsapp.

The second method, Dial Through, is useful for making occasional calls from your mobile or landline displaying your TTNC number. With no need for an active internet connection, simply make a call to your TTNC number from a handset registered in myTTNC.

The final way to make an outbound call displaying your TTNC number is with Make A Call via myTTNC. You'll find the option at the top of every page. We'll initiate a call to your chosen handset and, once you answer, we'll make a second call to your customer and join the two together.

We recently published a blog post, which explains how each method works - Read More