10 million numbers released

Ofcom introduces new 020 4 number range for London.Ofcom has today announced the release of 10 million new phone number for

Virtual Numbers
Number spoofing

Unfortunately, there's a growing trend of nuisance callers deliberately changing their Caller ID to hide their identity, this is known as 'Number Spoofing'.

New Number Porting rules go live

Today, Ofcom announced that the Porting Override Request (POR) process is now live and has been rolled out as a standard process within the industry.

New Framework for fairness

In a bid to stamp out unfair practices and confusion, Ofcom’s Fairness Framework will support companies in their work to improve customer service and make fairness a core part of their business.

070 Number changes - Rules to combat fraud & unexpected call costs

Last year, Ofcom announced that from the 1st of October 2019, the cost to call an 070 Number would be the same cost as calling a UK Mobile Number.

Ofcom: New rules for contracts and best deals

Telephone, Broadband and Pay-TV customers must be warned when their minimum contract period is coming to an end, under new rules announced today by Ofcom.

Nuisance Calls & SMS: Joint Action Plan Update

Ofcom and the ICO have published an update on their joint action plan to tackle nuisance calls and SMS messages.

Fined for not providing access to 999 and 112 Emergency Services

Following an investigation, Ofcom has imposed a £24,500 fine to cloud communications company 'Vonage' for failing to provide uninterrupted access to 999 and 112 Emergency services.

Ofcom fines company £50,000 for breaking number porting rules

A warning to any Communication company who tries to stop their customers from switching to another provider.

New price cap on calling 118 numbers

In an attempt to protect people who use 118 directory enquiry services from high call charges, Ofcom is introducing a new price cap on all calls made to 118 numbers.

Blockchain could be used to manage UK telephone numbers

TTNC to work with Ofcom to trial the porting and management of telephone numbers using blockchain and ledger technology.

Virtual Numbers
New rules to combat high call costs and scams

From October 1st 2019, phone users will have protection from high charges for calling ‘070’ numbers.

New rules to stop nuisance calls

Ofcom, the UK's Communications regulator, has introduced new rules to prevent people from receiving unwanted calls.

Five new area codes added to the closed local dialling list

So the Ofcom consultation closed last month on changes to making local calls in five new area codes. From the 1st October 2

Research into presentation of call charge information of non-geographic calls

Ofcom has today published the results of research as part of its consultation on simplifying non-geographic numbers. The r

How much is the UK addicted to smartphones?

Ofcom publishes 2011 Communications Market Reports Ofcom today published its annual Communications Market Report into the U

Ofcom amends Premium Rate Services (PRS) Condition and consults on regulation of some PRS services

Ofcom today amended the PRS Condition to require all controlled PRS providers from 1 September 2011 to comply with Phonepa

Ofcom publishes Internet use and attitudes bulletin 2011

Ofcom has published its 2011 Internet use and attitudes bulletin – a round-up of key internet metrics across a variety of

Ofcom's ongoing monitoring of rules to prevent silent calls

Now in it's 5th year, Ofcom have decided to extend this initiative against 'persons or organisations causing annoyance to c

Ofcom accredits mobile phone price comparison service - Mobilife

Mobilife’s price comparison calculator has been awarded the Ofcom price accreditation scheme logo for meeting the terms of

Changes to European telecoms law – benefits for UK consumers

Ofcom has confirmed a number of changes to its regulations that will benefit consumers, as a result of new European teleco

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