TTNC - Why Choose Us...

Since 2004, we have offered high-quality telecoms solutions. Our advanced platform and services will increase the quality of your communication.

Set the right tone with a Professional Voice Recording

First impressions last, make sure you make a good one by adding a professionally recorded greeting on your phone line.

4,200 local areas covered worldwide

With over 4,200 local areas worldwide to choose from, we can provide a number for your office wherever you're located.

Call Tracking - Make the most of your marketing

Call Tracking allows you to clearly see the call volume for all of your numbers, meaning you can determine the effectiveness of your marketing.

Call Tracking
Festive Professional Voice Recordings

Why not script a Professional Voice Recording to keep your callers up to date with your festive schedule by way of a brand new greeting message.

Enhance your Call Forwarding with Ring Groups

Ring Groups are a great way to control and share the distribution of incoming calls amongst employees and departments.

Sending SMS from myTTNC

With 9 out of 10 messages read within 3 minutes and 98% read the same day, it's the most effective way to get to the forefront of your customers' minds.

Call Credit - What is it and how is it used?

Call credit can be used to pay for the forwarding charges for inbound & outbound calls, outbound SMS and fax services.

Call Charges
How-To: Choose which calls to accept with Call Screening

Call Screening will tell you which number your calls are coming from and give you the choice of when to accept a call.

How-To: Visually identify your inbound calls

If you're using one of our inbound numbers we can make your telephone display show your TTNC number (the dialled number) rather than the caller's number.

New 07 Mobile Numbers released

We’re pleased to announce that we can now offer UK 07 Mobile Numbers to our customers. Our Mobile Numbers can be used in the same way as our other numbers and work with all of our services

Virtual Numbers
How-To: Get a 'heads up' with Call Whisper

Our Call Whisper service plays a short message to the receiver before connecting the caller, helping you to identify calls made to your TTNC number.

How-to: Set up a Virtual Landline with VoIP

A guide to everything needed to create a phone line for your business, allowing you to make and receive calls displaying your new number where ever you are.

How-to: Use Your Own Greeting and Information Recordings

Making use of a customised recording to present your callers with a professional, personal touch.

How-to: Reduce nuisance and unwanted calls

How to set up Call Blocking. Follow these simple steps below and you will able you to start blocking those unwanted calls in just a few minutes.

Vulnerable customers: Ofcom's best practices

Ofcom sets out how TV, broadband and phone companies should treat those who are struggling.

TTNC Customer Support

We are obsessed with excellent customer service and giving customers the best possible support. Every single person in the TTNC team feels the same way about this, it's not just a management thing, it's in our core.

Using Concatenated SMS

A single SMS is 160 characters in length. A concatenated SMS is used when you want to send an SMS containing more than 160 characters.

TTNC Zapier App launched

We're pleased to announce our partnership with the automation platform Zapier. Our App will enable you to automatically send an SMS or make a Phone Call.

Tags now included in CDR downloads

Download your call data records (CDR’s) and you will see your phone number tags on CDR downloads.

VoIP Hardware - Let's Get Physical

Did you know that we supply VoIP Handsets and Adapters? We have everything you need to get up and running with VoIP.

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