​Call Recording and GDPR

Compliance and GDPR Although Call recording has many uses and benefits, you should be aware of the legislation covering Cal

Ofcom Statement: Guidelines for Calling Line Identification Facilities

Guidelines for Calling Line Identification Facilities On the 26th April 2018 OFCOM published a statement in relation to the

TTNC awarded the ITSPA Quality Mark

As a VoIP provider of 12 years and counting TTNC is proud to have been awarded the Internet Telephony Service Provider’s Association (ITSPA) Quality Mark.

Memorable Numbers

Telephone numbers are a key part of your business. Without it, communications with your company are limited to email which

Mini Case Study - how numbers break down barriers

In just a month’s time, runners will be gearing up to take part in the Morrisons Great North Run, all in aid of charity. Wh

The death of 03 numbers?

If you weren’t already aware, on 1st July 2015 it became free to call an 0800 number from a mobile. This is fantastic news

Increase your business with a Freephone number

0800 numbers are a well known and very popular number range in the UK. The main reason is that it doesn’t cost anything to

The difference between fake and virtual telephone numbers

Reading through the BBC website the other day, I stumbled across this interesting little article about fake phone numbers.

Infographic - How the mobile phone has taken over the UK

Is it really surprising that the mobile phone is becoming the dominant form of communication? The advancement in the techno

How having a Local Number can benefit your business

In part 2 of our series looking at Local Numbers, we consider the cost to call this type of number. Local Numbers are widel

A brief history of Local Numbers in the UK

Local Numbers are second nature to us. Certainly for me it’s difficult to imagine a time when area codes weren’t presented

International Numbers now available from TTNC

TTNC has been around for nearly ten years now and we’ve always offered a brilliant selection of UK numbers. But now, for th

How relevant is a local number's prefix?

There is quite often some degree of confusion when it comes to choosing a local number and it is mostly caused by the prefi

Fixed lines get old - long live virtual Local Numbers!

  024 numbers are allocated for use in the Coventry area of the UK, but this sign is in Chelmsford in the South East.

To be clear - 070 numbers are not mobile numbers

You may not know this, but 070 numbers were actually introduced in the mid-nineties. But despite being around for nearly 20

What have freephone numbers around the world got in common?

One sad thing about working in the telecoms industry is that you notice and think about phone numbers wherever you go. I’ve

How can a phone number make a difference to your directory position?

  The majority of our customers will be advertising in a directory of some description. Depending on what type busines

A guide to finding a call tracking provider

Tracking inbound phone calls is becoming a “must have service” for a lot of companies these days. If you’re doing any sort

Is using 0800 numbers in your advertising still the best way to get calls?

I see it every week in the Essex Chronicle when I’m looking at cars for sale. I ask myself, why would you use an 0800 numbe

No one likes a clamping company - could using a Local Number help?

The answer to this is probably no. I can’t really think of a positive scenario for the person being clamped; but I suppose

Doctor's surgeries are still using 0844 numbers, but they are compromising

It was back in December that we last blogged about this. Pretty much the same story has popped up again, different online n

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