What are the benefits of having multiple VoIP Users?

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While we know that the £4 per month for a VoIP User is one of its main selling points, having multiple VoIP Users in your account provides you with even more functionality. From a team perspective, the ability to make free internal calls and see if a colleague is available to talk takes the stress out of remote working.

Free Internal Calls and Transfers

The great thing about having multiple VoIP Users in your account is that each comes with a 4-6 digit extension number. This means that you can place internal calls to other extensions and quickly transfer calls.

Internal calling is an excellent tool for company-wide communication, but even better when those calls are entirely free!

If you have multiple sites or are working from home, each VoIP User can spend their day talking with colleagues on the phone without you having to worry about costs.

Busy Lamp Fields

A Busy Lamp Field is an easy, visual way to see if a colleague is available.

The lights next to each memory key will display as red when the VoIP User is on the phone and green when they are not. It's especially useful when remote working or in large multi-level offices.

This feature comes as standard on our Softphone Apps and all, but one, of the phones we supply.

Displaying CLIs

Each VoIP User is set up against a TTNC number. This allows you to make outbound calls displaying this number to your callers.

There is no limit to the number of VoIP Users you can associate with a single TTNC number, and an account can have an unlimited amount of numbers.

If you have VoIP Users across multiple numbers in your account, you can register these onto a single VoIP Handset to enable you to display any of your numbers on outbound calls by switching the VoIP User before making the call.

This is a perfect solution if you have a number of businesses or manage multiple teams with their own telephone number.

Working From Home

In the current climate, with more of us working from home, having a high-quality, dependable telecoms solution is a necessity. Whether talking to colleagues or clients, you want to assure that your calls aren't going to drop out and that the audio is clear for your callers.

We offer a range of feature-rich VoIP desk phones and cordless DECT phones, for those working from static locations, which cater for every budget. Alternatively, our Softphone Apps for Mobile and Desktop are a great way to make and receive calls via VoIP without needing to buy additional devices.

TTNC Softphone Apps

The TTNC Softphone Apps can be downloaded onto your mobile, tablet or computer, and allows you to make and receive calls via VoIP without the need for additional hardware.

The Mobile Softphone App provides the easiest way to register your VoIP User by simply scanning the QR code from within your myTTNC account. This means that you don't need to remember your VoIP username and password.

Both our Mobile and Desktop Apps automatically populate all associated VoIP Users as Quick Dial contacts. This will allow you to see each User's BLF, which will show if they are on a call or are available.

You will also be able to use Quick Dial to the associated VoIP Users in your account. All of these internal calls and transfers would be free.

VoIP Hardware

As mentioned earlier, in addition to our Softphone Apps, we also can supply VoIP Hardware. These handsets can have as many as 16 VoIP Users registered on a single device, giving you plenty of scope to make calls displaying multiple different numbers from the same device.

All of our hand-picked VoIP Handsets come pre-configured with your VoIP User details, meaning that all you need to do is plug in the phone, and you'll be making calls in seconds.

See our full range of VoIP hardware.

Caroline Simpson