Call Recording: Say that again?!

Call Recording is a valuable tool for your business. Allowing you and your team to review calls, and ensure you get the correct information from the call.

TTNC shortlisted for two awards!

The Comms Council UK announced the finalists for their 2021 Awards. We're proud that we have been shortlisted for both categories we entered.

Comms Council UK
Scams Awareness Campaign 2021

Last month the UK's Citizens Advice service launched their Scams Awareness Campaign. This annual campaign is all about helping people recognise a scam, report it to the relevant organisations and talk about their experiences to help raise public awareness.

Are you switched on about the switch-off?

Did you know that in 2025, the UK's old copper-based phone network will be switched off, resulting in the withdrawal of all traditional services?

What are the benefits of having multiple VoIP Users?

The ongoing cost of our VoIP service is one of its main selling points, but the ability to make free internal calls takes the stress out of remote working.

Company News - April 2021

The latest news from TTNC, the telecoms industry and the regulator this month - April 2021.

FluBot 'package delivery' SMS scam

Many people have reported receiving a text message asking them to install a delivery tracking app because they have missed a delivery. The app is spyware known as FluBot, and it's affecting Android phones and devices throughout the UK.

Enhance your Call Forwarding with Ring Groups

Ring Groups are a great way to control and share the distribution of incoming calls amongst employees and departments.

Best new Yealink phones for 2021!

We have recently added three new Yealink VoIP Desk Phones to our hand-selected VoIP hardware offering. Find out why we chose these handsets.

Company News - March 2021

The latest news from TTNC, the telecoms industry and the regulator this month - March 2021.

5 features of your VoIP Phone

Here are a few of our favourite VoIP Phone features, all of which can be enabled from within your handset's settings.

TTNC Goals for the year ahead

Every March, we plan and set out our goals for the year ahead, which runs from April to the end of March each year.

Company News
Sending SMS from myTTNC

With 9 out of 10 messages read within 3 minutes and 98% read the same day, it's the most effective way to get to the forefront of your customers' minds.

Call Credit - What is it and how is it used?

Call credit can be used to pay for the forwarding charges for inbound & outbound calls, outbound SMS and fax services.

Call Charges
Company News - January 2021

The latest news from TTNC, the telecoms industry and the regulator this month - January 2021.

Company News
Seven Tips to Stay Connected

Ofcom has published 7 tips to help you manage data and get your household the bandwidth they need, for video streaming, virtual meetings and voice calls.

Advice about Coronavirus scam calls and texts

With Coronavirus being one of the most talked-about subjects in history, it's no surprise that fraudsters are doing everything they can to exploit the situation.

How-To: Choose which calls to accept with Call Screening

Call Screening will tell you which number your calls are coming from and give you the choice of when to accept a call.

Company News - December 2020

The latest news from TTNC, the telecoms industry and the regulator this month - December 2020 as well as a round-up of the year.

TTNC's year in brief

Despite 2020 being anything but ordinary, we have been able to achieve numerous things as a company, even while working from our respective home offices, dining rooms and back bedrooms.

Company News
How-To: Visually identify your inbound calls

If you're using one of our inbound numbers we can make your telephone display show your TTNC number (the dialled number) rather than the caller's number.

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