Make SMS your marketing go-to


In the UK, over 53 million of us are glued to our mobile devices, and with more than 48 billion SMS being sent in the last year, SMS Marketing is definitely the way forward.

SMS Messaging provides an immediate, personal way to communicate with your audience, with over 90% of SMS being opened within 3 minutes of receipt. Almost three-quarters of customers prefer to receive an SMS rather than a phone call, and with open rates way in excess of email (a recent study has found SMS to have an open rate of 98% compared to 20% for email), using SMS as a contact method is worthwhile.

Over 94% of adults in the UK own a mobile phone; can you afford not to use SMS as a marketing tool?

How do our customers use Outbound SMS?

We know how powerful SMS can be; whether you're looking to send promotional offers, appointment reminders or simple order confirmations, it's a great way to keep clients up to date.

MOT Juice, the makers of the country's number one DVSA compliance software, has been using outbound SMS via myTTNC since 2017. Their platform services thousands of garages and MOT Testers nationwide. Their IT Director, Ray, tells us, "We were looking for a way to send our customers training reminders and have real-time accountability tracking. By using TTNC's platform, we now have a system to track, record delivery and monitor progress in real-time."

Interacting with TTNC via API means that their streamlined process can initiate SMS to be sent, allowing their clients to request authorisation codes and send out booking confirmations with ease. Ray continues, "We love the service. It does exactly what we were hoping. A cost-effective, scalable SMS communications platform that integrates seamlessly with our day to day operations.", who deal with advanced tenant referencing and credit checking in the UK, have been a customer since 2009, sending SMS via myTTNC for more than five years. Director, Vivienne, says "We use TTNC's Outbound SMS to alert our applicants of their next steps or to call our office. SMS is so much more efficient than making a call, and they're usually read and responded to quickly, which assists us in completing our work in a timely manner."

Having 9 out of 10 SMS read within seconds gives Vivienne and her team instant responses. This means that each case progresses at a speed that wouldn't be possible if they contacted applicants via the telephone. Vivienne continues, "We receive a great response to most texts sent, and the ease of use, the faultless customer service, and attractive costs mean we don't envisage ever moving away from TTNC."

How do I send Outbound SMS?

Regardless of your TTNC number type, you can send SMS out via myTTNC. You can send individually or in bulk and schedule your messages to be sent at a time that works for you.

To enhance your messages, you can send them displaying your registered company name rather than your TTNC number. You can request an SMS Display Name from within myTTNC. Using a Display Name is an easy way to help your customers identify who has sent the SMS, these cannot be responded to but offers effective marketing from the moment your customer is notified of the SMS.

Each 160 character SMS costs £0.06 (6p) to send - longer messages are sent as a series of multipart SMS and charged at £0.06 (6p) for each part. In addition to using PAYG Call Credit, you can also purchase SMS Credits, which will reduce the per-message spend down to £0.057 (5.7p) if you purchase 100, or as low as £0.029 (2.9p) for larger purchases. Our SMS Credits do not have an expiry date, so it makes sense to plan ahead.

In addition to sending SMS via myTTNC, you can use our SMS API function to automate the sending of your SMS Messages from within your system with ease. More information can be found on our Help Centre.

Alongside our API, you can also use our Zapier app integration to trigger or schedule an SMS following a phone call or input from over 4,000 apps. See more about our Zapier integration here.

Inbound SMS

You can receive SMS on all 01/02 local and 07 mobile numbers purchased from TTNC (except for 0207 and 0208 ranges). The messages can be viewed and responded to within myTTNC, and can also be forwarded via email for free and to mobile for £0.06 (6p) per message.

If you're interested in how TTNC's Outbound SMS can work for your business, drop an email to, and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.