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Call Tracking allows you to clearly see the call volume for each of your numbers. This is mainly used for marketing purposes, for any form of paid advertising, whether online or in the local paper, which needs to show a return on investment (ROI) to be viable. Without a positive return on the advertising costs, you're losing money and should revisit your strategy.

It's also useful if you have multiple contact numbers for your business or a multi-level IVR to direct calls throughout your team. This way of Call Tracking allows you to determine how your callers are getting in touch, but the use cases don't end there.

How do our customers use Call Tracking?

By using a unique TTNC number in your advert, flyer or mailshot, you can easily determine the effectiveness of your campaigns. If you're advertising in different areas, you should always look to feature a number with a local dialling code. Digital Marketing company Clix found that 72% of customers search for and use businesses less than 5 miles from their home.

The Car Key Network is the most extensive national network of auto locksmiths in the UK. Kane, the Creative Director, came to us for our local number coverage and needed to track those numbers efficiently. "We needed to find a solution which would accurately quantify revenue generated on a per advertisement or per affiliate basis." He continues, "Within literally minutes and with very little initial financial outlay, we used Local 01/02 Numbers dedicated to providing ROl feedback on geo-targeted advertising campaigns."

Michael from Countrywide, the UK's largest property services group, serving customers in over 850 branches across the UK, tells us, “Call Tracking with TTNC has been instrumental in transforming our enterprise approach to Pay Per Click (PPC) as a viable, targeted, cost-effective and controllable customer acquisition channel. The results achieved within a very short amount of time have been phenomenal."

The range of data we hold for each call means that the Call Statistics within myTTNC, which is included for free in every account, is one of the most powerful resources available to increase your marketing strength, as Michael confirms "The level of data that is now available to enable our decision making has transformed how we can leverage and control this channel as an online marketing team.”

Thomson Local, a business telephone directory, provides all their business listings with a tracking number, allowing them to present their customers with statistics to back up their service. They explain, "This call data is available to our customers, and we can analyse their 'cost per call' to ensure that it reaches our industry-specific benchmarks. When we present data to them, we show their total calls, answered and unanswered; average call duration as well as the ROI of the ongoing campaign."

How can I track calls?

All you need to track your calls is a number for each source you wish to analyse data.

You could simply have an office number and a single number you use on every advert; however, to really focus on which campaign is the most effective, you would need a number for each. This will allow you to see whether Facebook, a local newspaper or magazine advertisement, has generated the best response.

If you have numbers in multiple area codes, tracking your calls can also help you determine the areas from which your inbound calls are being made and allows you to advertise to those in the less frequent calling locations.

Once your numbers are active, it's as simple as looking at your Call Statistics within myTTNC, connecting via our API or downloading a .csv. This will show you a lot of information, including the location and number of the caller and the number dialled for each call.

Our Google Analytics integration can enhance your Call Tracking. Inbound calls can be added as events, allowing you to analyse your web traffic and call data together. You can even display a specific number on your site based on how your visitor reached you. This could be via a Google search, a click on a PPC link or any other site linking to yours.

You can read more about our Google Analytics integration in a previous blog post.

If you're interested in how TTNC's Call Tracking solution can work for your business, drop an email to, and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.