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Since 2004, we have offered high-quality telecoms solutions. Our advanced platform and services will increase the quality of your communication.

VoIP - Simple, cost-effective telecoms

Our fully hosted VoIP solution only needs an internet connection, a TTNC Number, a VoIP User, a VoIP Handset, or our free TTNC Softphone Apps.

Set the right tone with a Professional Voice Recording

First impressions last, make sure you make a good one by adding a professionally recorded greeting on your phone line.

More numbers means more flexibility

myTTNC gives all users, regardless of the amount of numbers, a user-friendly solution to manage and report on their numbers, within one account.

4,200 local areas covered worldwide

With over 4,200 local areas worldwide to choose from, we can provide a number for your office wherever you're located.

Make SMS your marketing go-to

SMS can be sent from any TTNC number. Whether you're sending offers, reminders or confirmations, it's a great way to keep clients up to date.

Call Tracking - Make the most of your marketing

Call Tracking allows you to clearly see the call volume for all of your numbers, meaning you can determine the effectiveness of your marketing.

Call Tracking
Company News - December 2021

A roundup of this years news from TTNC, the telecoms industry and the regulator - December 2021

2021 Christmas Hours

As we are nearing Christmas, we wanted to make you aware of our opening hours during the festive period.

Company News - September 2021

The latest news from TTNC, the telecoms industry and the regulator this month - September 2021

TTNC shortlisted for two awards!

The Comms Council UK announced the finalists for their 2021 Awards. We're proud that we have been shortlisted for both categories we entered.

Comms Council UK
What are the benefits of having multiple VoIP Users?

The ongoing cost of our VoIP service is one of its main selling points, but the ability to make free internal calls takes the stress out of remote working.

Company News - April 2021

The latest news from TTNC, the telecoms industry and the regulator this month - April 2021.

Enhance your Call Forwarding with Ring Groups

Ring Groups are a great way to control and share the distribution of incoming calls amongst employees and departments.

Best new Yealink phones for 2021!

We have recently added three new Yealink VoIP Desk Phones to our hand-selected VoIP hardware offering. Find out why we chose these handsets.

Company News - March 2021

The latest news from TTNC, the telecoms industry and the regulator this month - March 2021.

TTNC Goals for the year ahead

Every March, we plan and set out our goals for the year ahead, which runs from April to the end of March each year.

Company News
Call Credit - What is it and how is it used?

Call credit can be used to pay for the forwarding charges for inbound & outbound calls, outbound SMS and fax services.

Call Charges
How-To: Choose which calls to accept with Call Screening

Call Screening will tell you which number your calls are coming from and give you the choice of when to accept a call.

Company News - December 2020

The latest news from TTNC, the telecoms industry and the regulator this month - December 2020 as well as a round-up of the year.

TTNC's year in brief

Despite 2020 being anything but ordinary, we have been able to achieve numerous things as a company, even while working from our respective home offices, dining rooms and back bedrooms.

Company News
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