Company News - December 2020


I hope all of you are staying safe and well.

Christmas is nearly upon us after what has been the most extreme and challenging year for many people and businesses.

I'd like to start by saying a huge thank you to everyone in the TTNC team; they are the best people I've ever worked with, and I’m eternally grateful for their dedication, loyalty and hard work. In what are difficult and trying times, everyone in the team has done an outstanding job, whether it be keeping things running, building new services or continuing to provide the high level of customer service and support that we are known for. Well done and thank you team!

TTNC's Year In Brief

Despite 2020 being anything but ordinary, we have been able to achieve numerous things as a company, even while working from our respective home offices, dining rooms and back bedrooms.

We've published a blog post highlighting some of the things we've been up to and also some of this year's important Industry news. Read More.

Awards and Accolades in 2020

September saw us pick up an award for the third year running at the Internet Telephony Service Providers Association (ITSPA) Awards. This year we were very proud to be crowned the UK's Best Service Provider (Small Enterprise).

Earlier in the year, we obtained our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification, showing our commitment to data security and quality management systems.

Growth in 2020

As a business, we celebrated our birthday in November! We're proud to have been trading healthily for the last 16 years.

Despite everything that's happened this year, our customer base has continued to grow, with new customers signing up in record numbers. We are also delighted to see many of our existing customers enhancing their numbers with more and more services.

Community and Social Responsibility in 2020

At the start of lockdown, back in March, we pledged to help those who are helping their community to cope in the Covid-19 crisis. We have provided numerous groups across the UK with free services and hundreds of thousands of minutes.

We are sticking by that commitment, and we vow to continue to offer our services for as long as it's needed so if you know someone we can help, please send them our way.

Industry and Regulation News

Ofcom (the communications regulator for the UK) has been busy this year with announcements of new rules and proposals. Most are put in place to protect consumers, by ensuring they are treated fairly, are notified when contracts are ending and of the best deals available - Read more.

It was heartening to read Ofcom's reports into the dropping number of nuisance calls over the year - read more - we can only hope that with the tightening of rules this trend will continue through the coming year.

December's Product and Services News

07 Mobile enquiry form

We received a fantastic response from customers regarding our new 07 Mobile range, so much so, we have added a new enquiry form on the 07 Mobile Number page. Based on your feedback, we will shortly look to implement a number search on the page, to make them even easier to purchase.

MyTTNC audio playback update

Flash will no longer work on all browsers from the start of 2021. With this in mind, we have rolled out an update in myTTNC to replace the Flash audio element, used to listen to uploaded recordings, voicemail messages and call recordings.

New Yealink phones added

As more people transition to working from home, you will find us recommending our VoIP service combined with a pre-configured physical VoIP phone, giving increased quality, reliability and ease of use.

We have added three brand new Yealink VoIP phones to our range of available hardware. No matter your requirements, you will find that the new T54W, T33G and T31G all offer improved features, high-quality designs, all while remaining cost-effective. See our new Yealink VoIP Phones here

2021 for TTNC

Our roadmap for 2021 looks as busy as ever. Despite a date for the return to the office being unknown, we still expect to be busy working on upgrades to our service and other enhancements to the business. This includes:

  • A new version of myTTNC.
  • A new RESTful API with more functions.
  • Releasing a Dynamic Numbering Call Tracking service.
  • Integrating other platforms and services with myTTNC.
  • Updating our website.
  • Winning more awards!
  • Seeing our colleagues in person!