Call Credit - What is it and how is it used?

Call Charges /

Call credit can be used to pay for the forwarding charges for inbound calls, outbound calls, outbound SMS and fax services. In a similar way to your mobile contract, we have two distinct types of credit, Pay As You Go and Monthly Tariffs, which each have their own merits.

The main difference between the two types is that on a Monthly Tariff, your call forwarding rates (the cost to forward a call from your TTNC number to your chosen destination) are reduced, from the Pay As You Go rate.

Which one will work for you comes down to a simple question. "Are you expecting to make and receive a high volume of calls?" - If so, then a Monthly Tariff will likely be more economical.

Regardless of the type of credit you choose, we will keep you informed when your balance gets low, via email and SMS, so you're always in control.

Pay As You Go - PAYG

We've used Pay As You Go (PAYG) as a method for paying for calls for a long time now. The reason being, that it's a great way for you to just pay for the time that you spend on each of your calls. This means you're only topping up when needed.

You can top up credit from the Top Up page of myTTNC - the Top Up option is towards the bottom of the left-hand menu. To simplify the process, you can choose either £10, £25 or £50 to top up - you can, of course, contact us to top up a larger amount. As soon as the transaction is complete, your balance will be updated.

No expiry date - will remain on your account until used.
No regular payments, top up when you need to through your online account.
Forwarding rates higher than a Monthly Tariff.
Manual top ups, unless Automatic Top Up is enabled on a payment card.

Monthly Minutes Tariffs

Using our Pay Monthly tariffs, you'll be adding a fixed amount of call credit to your account on the 1st of each month. We'll then deduct your call charges from this based on how many seconds you're on the call.

A tariff reduces the call forwarding rate by up to 60% on standard, PAYG rates, meaning your call credit will go further.

As with all of our monthly renewals, we don't have fixed-term contracts, and you can upgrade (or downgrade) between tariffs when you want to, without any extra charges.

If you use all of your monthly credit, you will begin to use PAYG Call Credit - this will still be charged at the tariff's reduced forwarding rate.

You can switch from PAYG to a Pay Monthly tariff at any point, and it will happen immediately (you'll pay a pro-rata charge for the tariff). Switching between tariffs, or back to PAYG will take place on the 1st of the following month. Switching can be done from within myTTNC, alternatively get in touch and we can discuss your options.

Forwarding rates are lower than PAYG Credit.
Credit refreshes monthly, meaning less top ups.
Unused credit is lost when tariff refreshes.
You could be spending more than necessary for your call volume.

Automatic Top Up

If you have a payment card on your account, you can enable Automatic Top Up, saving you time and worry about making manual top ups.

As standard, when your call credit drops below £5, your card, with Auto Top Up enabled, will be charged for £25 of call credit which is instantly added to your account - this means that your account will not run out of credit, so your customers will be able to contact you at all times.

You can alter the top up amount, and the call credit limit that will trigger the top up. This is done from within Advanced Options - You can specify a top up when credit drops below £5, £10, £20, £50 or £100, and also to top up either £10, £25 or £50.

Paying invoices with PAYG Call Credit

When the billing run automatically raises an invoice, we will attempt to take payment via Direct Debit or a credit/debit card. If your account doesn't have either of these payment methods, we will use call credit for these automatic payments, as long as your call credit balance will cover the entire invoice.

Call credit can be removed as a possible payment method from within the Advanced Options.

Outbound SMS

You can use your PAYG Call Credit to pay for outbound SMS. Each 160 character SMS costs 6p to send - A message longer than 160 characters is concatenated, this means that the message is sent as a series of multipart SMS. This will be charged on a per SMS basis (for example a 300 character message would cost 12p, for two SMS).

Alternatively, you could purchase SMS credits, which will reduce the cost of sending individual SMS, from the Top Up page of myTTNC.