4,200 local areas covered worldwide


We supply virtual numbers in 58 countries across the globe, with coverage of more than 75% of Europe and 4,202 local areas worldwide. Our international number ranges have the same functionality as UK numbers (apart from being unable to receive inbound SMS). Inbound calls can be forwarded to existing landlines and mobiles across the world, using our VoIP service allows you to make and receive calls anywhere with an internet connection.

This all means that we can provide a number for your office, whatever your location.

Most countries have regulatory requirements to ensure that their numbers are used for reputable purposes, by registered businesses. These usually consist of having premises in the area to the local number or being located in the country for national numbers. All of our current regulations can be found on our Help Centre.

How do our customers use International Numbers?

Regardless of their location or type, all numbers can be viewed and edited in the same way, meaning that it's easy to make wholesale changes or view the Call Statistics for all of the numbers.

Chris from Serenity Health, who treat all forms of addiction, as well as providing drug and alcohol detox services, explains why he uses TTNC for his International Numbers, "I have 50+ numbers including international. We have a site which is based in Cyprus, our international numbers with TTNC work without fail, and I can answer each of our numbers while sitting in the Cyprus office or the beach."

SVR Connect is a recruitment company who find international tradespeople and engineering candidates to work in New Zealand. We spoke to Director, Suzanne who told us, "We have been expanding over the last four years and needed help to create a 24/7 office, and TTNC was the perfect solution. Within an hour of calling, we had a New Zealand number, and it changed everything for us. It was quick and efficient, and a really good experience."

Merchant Connect Incorporations, providers of professional business support, have TTNC numbers in multiple countries. Cliff is impressed with the speed at which an international number can be activated. He says, "The team over at TTNC is responsive, quick, and very efficient. I would recommend them to anyone seeking additional phone numbers around the world."

How can I purchase an international number?

If you already have UK numbers, you'll see that international numbers can be managed in exactly the same way.

If you wish to purchase an international number in one of the 58 countries around the globe we have coverage in, you will first need to check if there's any regulatory requirements for the country in question. You can find full details on our Help Centre. Most countries require a presence in that country or even in the area of the number, and some require proof of address and identity.

The next step is to complete the enquiry form on our website if you're not yet a customer, or the form on myTTNC if you have an account. We will be able to give you the costs and guide you through the verification process.

Despite the extra steps needed to activate and purchase an international number, as long as you have the correct regulatory documentation, if required, it shouldn't take more than an hour to get your new number ready to use.

If you're interested in an international number for your business, drop an email to sales@ttnc.co.uk, and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.