Returning to the office - TTNC are with you

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We published a blog post on the 17th March 2020 with lots of information about working from home and how to continue your communication with a sense of normality - We talked about how to make and receive calls displaying your TTNC number from home.

Now, almost 17 months later, a sea-change is occurring, with companies now welcoming their employees back into the office. Some businesses are expecting completely full-time office use, which for the employee is simple, take everything back to the office that you took when starting to work from home. Easy if it's your laptop and desk phone, or more taxing if there are boxes of technology, paperwork and folders.

Most companies, however, are implementing a hybrid working pattern, where staff members spend part of the week in the office and the rest working from home. While this is great to be able to see your colleagues face-to-face a few times a week, it can cause issues if you're constantly carting your desk back and forth.

How can we help with hybrid working?

A great solution to the split routine is our VoIP service. VoIP calls utilise the internet, meaning that you can receive your inbound calls and make outbound calls displaying your TTNC number, directly from our VoIP apps or a physical VoIP phone.

You can have an VoIP phone in the office and our Desktop Softphone App at home, both registered with the same VoIP User, allowing you to answer calls in either location.

If you want to be available at all times, you can also log into our Mobile Softphone App with your user credentials. This means that you can make and receive calls wherever you are with an internet connection.

There are many advantages to using VoIP, which we have talked about in previous blog posts about VoIP Users and VoIP Hardware

VoIP Hardware

Alongside our free Mobile and Desktop VoIP apps, we also have a range of VoIP Phones and Headsets available to purchase.

We have Desk Phones and Cordless DECT Handsets, all of which offer excellent sound quality and reliability. To enhance your experience, you can also purchase headsets, which are available as either monaural (with a single earpiece) or binaural (two earpieces).

All of our phones are shipped with next-day delivery, pre-configured with your VoIP User details, for simple 'plug and play' capabilities.

You can find more information about our VoIP Hardware here, our VoIP service here and our Softphone Apps here.