New 07 Mobile Numbers released

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UK 07 Mobile Numbers now for sale

We’re pleased to announce that we can now offer UK 07 Mobile Numbers to our customers. Our Mobile Numbers can be used in the same way as our other numbers and work with all of our services.

Are these "normal" mobile numbers?

Yes. Although these are virtual mobile numbers they are recognised and work across all networks and can be used to receive and send SMS. They can also be ported by submitting a PAC Code request and be used on a SIM card with any of the UK Mobile Networks.

Please note - TTNC mobile numbers cannot be used for SMS verification purposes.

Why use a virtual mobile number?

  • Have that personal touch
    Give your customers the option to call your company's landline or your 'personal' mobile number.

  • Use for advertising
    A virtual mobile number is great to use in advertising and can be switched off when you don’t want to receive any more calls.

  • Receive and send SMS
    Our virtual mobile numbers have SMS functionality and can send and receive messages via myTTNC.

  • More control of your calls
    You can use our advanced call management features such as Time Plans, Call Greeting, Call Recording and Ring Groups to distribute the calls.

  • 30-day rolling contracts
    Unlike traditional mobile providers with 12, 24 or 36-month contracts, our services can be cancelled at any time, without notice or penalty.

How much do 07 Mobile Numbers cost?

£10 connection and £5 per month with no minimum term, you can cancel at any time.

How do I buy a one?

Our 07 Mobile Numbers are not yet available on our website, myTTNC or API and need to be manually provisioned. Once provisioned, the number will be in your account so you can easily manage it using myTTNC.

You can email, or call 020 3151 1000 or complete our 07 Mobile Number enquiry form

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, please get in touch with your account manager or our customer services team.