New 07 Mobile Numbers released

We’re pleased to announce that we can now offer UK 07 Mobile Numbers to our customers. Our Mobile Numbers can be used in the same way as our other numbers and work with all of our services

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Scam calls fall by 75%

Scam calls using the 070 number range have decreased by 75% between October 2019 and September 2020.

How-to: Set up a Virtual Landline with VoIP

A guide to everything needed to create a phone line for your business, allowing you to make and receive calls displaying your new number where ever you are.

How-to: Reduce nuisance and unwanted calls

How to set up Call Blocking. Follow these simple steps below and you will able you to start blocking those unwanted calls in just a few minutes.

We've expanded our International Number ranges!

We are excited to let you know that we have increased the coverage of our International Numbers to cover over 60% of the planet!

070 Personal Numbers released

We’re pleased to announce the release of 300,000 new 070 Personal Numbers. These Numbers can now be purchased on our website and in our customer control panel – myTTNC.

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10 million numbers released

Ofcom introduces new 020 4 number range for London. Ofcom has today announced the release of 10 million new phone number for the London area.

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New Number Porting rules go live

Today, Ofcom announced that the Porting Override Request (POR) process is now live and has been rolled out as a standard process within the industry.

What is a memorable number and why do they matter?

What is a Memorable number and why do they matter? An explanation about Memorable numbers and why you should use them.

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Ofcom fines company £50,000 for breaking number porting rules

A warning to any Communication company who tries to stop their customers from switching to another provider.

Blockchain could be used to manage UK telephone numbers

TTNC to work with Ofcom to trial the porting and management of telephone numbers using blockchain and ledger technology.

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New rules to combat high call costs and scams

From October 1st 2019, phone users will have protection from high charges for calling ‘070’ numbers.

Ofcom Statement: Guidelines for Calling Line Identification Facilities

On the 26th April 2018 OFCOM published a statement in relation to the guidelines for Calling Line Identification facilities.

The difference between fake and virtual telephone numbers

Reading through the BBC website the other day, I stumbled across this interesting little article about fake phone numbers.

Fixed lines get old - long live virtual Local Numbers!

  024 numbers are allocated for use in the Coventry area of the UK, but this sign is in Chelmsford in the South East.

Amazing numbers drive profitable taxis

What's the secret behind taxi numbers? Have you ever thought about it? If you were starting a taxi company what would you b

New Ofcom Rules for Number allocations

Ofcom introduces its consumer protection test for future allocation of telephone numbers Ofcom has today set out new restr

TTNC's 03 Numbers are the first to be live in the UK

TTNC is pleased to announce that their entire range of 03 numbers became live on UK's Public network on the 1st of October,

TTNC Applies for First ever batch of 03 Numbers

TTNC is one of the first Operators to apply for Number Blocks in the totally new 03 Number Range in Ofcom's Initial Competi

OFCOM changes to the 0870 Phone Number Range

Following on from the Strategic Review of the use of Number Translation Service (NTS) in 2005, OFCOM has now confirmed so

2.3 Million New UK Town Numbers Released

TTNC has recently released 2.3 Million Telephone Numbers for 200 of the Largest Towns in the UK. There are thousands of Mem

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