What is a memorable number and why do they matter?

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An explanation about memorable numbers and why you should use them.

Last week we had a customer asking us how important it was for them to use a memorable number for their business, as they were a taxi company, it was a no brainer; they should definitely be using a memorable phone number!

Following the call, we’ve realised that there are a lot of people that don’t know what a memorable phone number is, or why they should use one, so hopefully this blog post will help.

What makes a phone number memorable?

Memorable numbers (also known as Vanity, Gold or Special Numbers) have a string of repeating digits, an easily remembered number sequence or some digits which are significant to a particular company or industry.

The ultimate goal for businesses using these numbers is to generate more calls and to develop their brand. A memorable number is a powerful marketing tool, widely used in all forms of advertising.

How are they categorised?

In the UK, Ofcom (the UK communications regulator) allocates numbers to Service Providers (like TTNC) in blocks of 1,000 or 10,000 numbers. Those providers then decide how to sell the numbers they have, and how memorable they are.

Take TTNC as an example, in our most memorable numbers you’ll see repeating digits and sequences of numbers; these are our Diamond numbers. We believe these will be the most likely to generate calls, so their costs represent that potential value to a business.

TTNC has five different grades of memorable numbers; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond - Diamond being the best. Set up charges start from £95 (for a Bronze number) to £595 for a Diamond number, then they cost just £20 per year thereafter.

Examples of some of our memorable numbers are:

  • Repeated sets – 01887 47 47 47
  • Repeated digits – 01832 888 888
  • Mirrored digits – 01970 334 433
  • Consecutive runs - 01877 456789
  • Centenary - 01205 400 500
  • Repeated prefix – 01833 833 833

A lot of businesses tend to incorporate a memorable number into their brand identity, which is also something that can potentially have a massive impact on how many calls you receive.

Why should I use a memorable number?

The main reason for having a memorable number is of course that people are more likely to remember it, which is something that will have a direct impact on the number of calls you receive.

Verbal communication is often the most efficient way of dealing with both existing and potential customers. Not only does it speed up the process for you, but it also provides a more personal experience for the caller.

Your options for improving arguably the most valuable point of contact for your business should certainly be considered, and a great way to start would be by upgrading the actual contact number itself.

A memorable number is an asset to any business, especially for those competing in an industry where a lot of enquiries are made over the phone. The fact that the number is aesthetically pleasing will strengthen your brand's image, but there are also other benefits that a memorable number brings which can help you keep an edge over your competitors.

Huge choice of memorable numbers at competitive prices
I chose TTNC because I found their Web site very easy to use, they have a huge of numbers to choose from and their prices are the most competitive prices I have seen. I would recommend using TTNC over any other memorable number or business phone number supplier.

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How do I get a memorable number?

If you want to use a memorable number, we have thousands available on our website which you can search through using our number search tool.

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