TTNC News - January 2019

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Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter and Happy New Year!

Company news

Last year was a big year for TTNC; new offices, new people, new products and an industry award for innovation.

This year, we plan to have an equally good year and have an exciting product roadmap to work on which includes; launching the next version of our control panel, releasing our softphone mobile app, updates to our call tracking service and providing more integrations to third-party platforms and apps.

New team member

We would like to introduce a new team member; Paul Bell. Paul has joined our Customer Services team so I'm sure many of you will be dealing with Paul in the future. We'd like to wish him good luck and give him a warm welcome.

Update on Softphone

After the Christmas break we’ve hit the ground running with the softphone app, and are pleased to have made a lot of progress so far this month; we now have a fully functioning app which we’re using internally. We’re pleased with how the app functions and how easy it is to set up for a VoIP user, we think it’s great!

The next step is for us to do some final tweaks on the design and then submit the app to Google and Apple so it’s available on both app stores. We will keep everyone updated about the official launch.

Industry and Regulation News

Regulation changes for 2019

Ofcom, the UK’s communication regulator, will be introducing some new rules and changes to regulation this year which will affect some of our customers and services.

Product and Service News

Customer case studies

We would like to have more customer case studies on our website, so this year our customer services team will be reaching out to some of you and asking you for a case study. We are interested in how you use our service, why you chose TTNC, what problems you have solved and the benefits you get from using our service. If you feel you have anything to share, please get in touch with us.

Special offer on Memorable numbers

We are offering a 20% discount on the connection charge across our most memorable numbers for the next month, that means you save nearly £120 when purchasing a Diamond number.

The main reason for having a memorable number is of course that people are more likely to remember it, which is something that will have a direct impact on the quantity of calls you receive.

Examples of some of our memorable numbers are:

  • Repeated sets – 01887 47 47 47
  • Repeated digits – 01832 888 888
  • Mirrored digits – 01970 334 433
  • Consecutive runs - 01877 456789
  • Centenary - 01205 400 500
  • Repeated prefix – 01833 833 833