Company News - September 2020


Hi All,

I hope all of you are well and keeping safe.

Business planning during a pandemic can seem a bit like playing a guessing game, who knows what's going to happen and how it's all going to pan out? Hopefully, modern-day advances in health and technology will mean that a vaccine will be ready in record time, allowing us to return to some sort of normality next year.

Challenging times = new opportunities

Despite the government's Job Retention Scheme and the latest Job Support Scheme, we're still likely to see further rises in unemployment as some businesses will inevitably fail and be forced to lay people off. There's no doubt that some people will be facing challenging times ahead.

However, the British people are quite resilient, and there is also a strong entrepreneurial spirit in the UK, especially in times like these.

I firmly believe that we're going to see even more creativity and innovation over the coming months and that a whole new wave of start-ups and new business models will be created to address new opportunities.

Support from TTNC

We are well-established in an industry that provides essential services to businesses, and we're looking forward to working with people who want to build a credible business. We'll be there to guide and support them through their journey, sharing our knowledge and offering unbiased advice whenever we can.

Mental health and well-being

With mass migration to remote working, many people are struggling with different issues and finding themselves feeling isolated. With the media pumping out negative and scary headlines, it can sometimes feel like there is no end in sight - but there is.

We must remember this, and as mental health emerges as a key theme during this pandemic, we need to ensure that all of us keep talking and supporting those around us.

As the owner and Managing Director of TTNC, I don't think there is anything more important than the mental health and well-being of the team at the moment, and this is my primary focus at the moment. If you are a business owner or have a team, please take the time to check in with everyone and see how they're doing.

Covid response support update

As many of you are aware, back in March, we pledged to provide free services to any business, organisation or person who was responding to the Covid-19 crisis. So far we've helped dozens of groups and organisations across the UK with free services and tens of thousands of calls.

We're pleased to announce that we are going to continue to do this for the remainder of the year so if you know someone we can help, please send them our way.

TTNC win third consecutive ITSPA Award!

Thursday afternoon saw the 2020 ITSPA Awards ceremony take place. This year's ceremony, delayed from April, was an online affair with all of the usual glitz and glamour, but sadly none of the nibbles and networking.

TTNC came away with the award for best Service Provider (Small Enterprise), making it three trophies in three years!

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Did you know?

With VoIP, you can easily make outbound calls displaying your TTNC phone number.

You can register a VoIP User to a mobile phone or desktop computer (using the free TTNC Softphone App), or a physical IP handset.

Every person looking to make and receive calls will need a VoIP User (£4.00 per month), and you can set a failover destination for your calls to be routed to if we're unable to reach your VoIP User.

If you have an 01/02 or 03 number there is no cost to receive inbound calls terminating on your device via the VoIP User, and on our PAYG rate, the cost to make outbound calls is just £0.015/min (1.5p) per minute to a UK Landline, and £0.055/min (5.5p) per minute to a UK Mobile.

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