TTNC News - April 2019

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Company News!

The month started off with us releasing new call rates and SMS pricing. The updated rates have been published on the website and in myTTNC and are now live for all customers.

Award Nomination

We've also had some exciting news; TTNC has been announced as a finalist for the 2019 Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSPA) awards. This year's nomination is for the UK's best SOHO provider, which we would love to win. The awards take place in May so hopefully, we'll have positive news next month.

Porting Discount

As there is so much activity and news concerning number porting at the moment, we thought it would be nice to offer a discount.
This month we're offering a 50% discount on all numbers porting in - regardless of how many you want to port over to us.

Industry and Regulation News

Porting Override Trial Begins

Last year Ofcom put the telecoms industry on notice and demanded improvements be made to the current number porting process including the creation of a new process to override the unlawful blocking of number porting. The Number Port Process & Commercial Group (NPP&CG) have introduced a concept to 'override' a number port and a trial of this new process commenced this month.

Money Back When Things Go Wrong

From Monday the 1st of April, broadband and landline phone customers will be able to get money back from their providers when things go wrong, without having to fight for it. The new scheme could see customers benefit from a total of £142m in payments – around nine times the amount they received before. You can read more about it on Ofcom's website.

Product and Service News

Call Logs

We've made some small changes to how we display call logs in myTTNC. As well as total calls and total minutes, you can now see total costs for calls from any date range you choose. This has been rolled out on all of our service log pages including Inbound Call Logs, Outbound Call Logs, VoIP Call Logs, Make a Call Logs and Click to Call Logs.

Rate Checker Tool

Following on from our new call rates being introduced we've made some changes to our rate checker tools on our website and in myTTNC; We've removed the dropdown so you now have to type the number in that you want to search for, and we now disregard any rate limits on your account and display rates for all destinations regardless of the cost. If you are logged in to myTTNC, we will also display any bespoke rates or rates for the package you are using.

999 Emergency Access For VoIP Users

VoIP Users now have access to dial emergency services. Previously, the service was only available to customers using SIP Trunks as we have to provide a physical address to the emergency services. Regulation now requires us to make emergency services accessible to anyone using our VoIP services, regardless of their physical location.

If you want to add this feature, log into myTTNC and find the VoIP User you want to edit. When you click on edit you will see an additional checkbox to "Enable UK Emergency Services Access".

Requirements for International Numbers

This month there have been several regulatory changes that affect the use of some of the International Numbers we provide. If you have International Numbers that are affected, we should have already been in touch with you. For more information, please visit our Help Centre.