TTNC News - August 2018

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What an enjoyable summer it’s been, lots of holiday time, beautiful weather and a great world cup, what more can a person ask for!

Even though summer is coming to an end, I’m super excited about the rest of the year and am looking forward to getting the team back together and working on our product and service roadmap. I’m especially looking forward to releasing our Softphone and Mobile App later in the year as I think this will ultimately be a handy tool for our customers.

Recent activities

I’m delighted to say that our team has continued to deliver some significant service enhancements once again this month, as well as releasing a new “Ring Group” service which was widely requested by customers. You can read more about these changes below.

We’ve also been working on a project to collect customer case studies. We want to demonstrate how and why different businesses are using our services and platform, and publish these case studies on our website. If you think you might be able to help us, please let us know.

New Head of Development

Congratulations to Lewis Scoging for being appointed TTNC's Head of Development. Lewis is responsible for the development of new products and services as well as the continual improvements and enhancements to our platform.

Ring Groups

After a month of final testing, we've gone live with our Ring Groups forwarding strategies.

Use Ring Groups to achieve a more advanced call distribution for your groups and teams, the increased control over your forwarding will make a huge difference to your staff and customers.

The Ring Groups service is included in the Enhanced package and the Everything package.

Call Recording Toggle is now live

Due to recent feedback and regulations, you can now pause all inbound and outbound call recordings. Reassure your customers when processing payments over the phone and prevent sensitive data from being stored.

This feature is available on all forms of call recording:

  • Inbound call recording
  • Outbound via VoIP Users and SIP Trunks
  • Make a Call
  • Dial Through


By pressing 555 on your keypad the recording will be paused and both sides will hear a beep to confirm.

If you have an IP desk phone with memory keys, this can easily be configured to toggle with a single button press.

Just don't forget to turn it back on!

Google Analytics

We've released a couple of updates to our Google Analytics integration this month:

  • We have added the ability to send the number alias as a "label" value. Alternatively, you can still use the caller's geographic location.

  • You can now send events as non-interaction events, this allows you to prevent them from having an impact on your bounce rate.

Call Queuing drop out

An issue was identified with our call drop-out feature within Call Queuing. This has now been resolved, and the function is live again. Callers will be able to leave a voicemail message rather than waiting in a queue, inform your customers using a periodic message that all they need to do is press the hash key.