E.164 formatting on Caller IDs

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If you currently terminate calls made to your TTNC virtual number to a SIP or IAX address, please read the notice below as it contains important information which may affect your service.

E.164 Format 

From the 31st March 2016, we will provide all Caller IDs in the standard E.164 format, e.g. +442031511000.

This change will only affect you if you are using the Caller ID in some way. For example: you are using a CRM system in conjunction with your PBX. The PBX recognises Caller IDs so your CRM displays your customers details. Or you might be using Caller IDs as part of a Dial Plan in your PBX.

If this update affects you, please ensure you make the changes to your PBX and other systems by 09:00 on Thursday 31st March 2016.