Pay Monthly tariffs - our lowest call forwarding rates ever

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Our Pay Monthly tariffs now offer the best call forwarding rates we have ever had. This is particularly key to those of you forwarding to UK mobiles.

Half the rate per minute to UK mobiles

On our Monthly 60 tariff you can get 1,000 minutes, forwarding a Geographic number to a UK mobile, for £60 a month; this is a rate of just 6p per minute. That's half the Pay As You Go (PAYG) rate.

Even on our smallest tariff, Monthly 10, the forwarding rate to a UK mobile is just over 8p per minute, nearly 4p per minute less than PAYG.

Go to our Pay Monthly page to see the rates across all of the tariffs; including the forwarding rates to UK landlines - which will give you up to 1p off per minute.

How to get these rates

  • If you're already a TTNC customer and on a Pay Monthly tariff you'll already be enjoying these new rates - they went live last week.
  • If you're a TTNC customer on PAYG but want to move to a Pay Monthly tariff, you can now do it through the Novero Platform. You'll see a link on the left when you login that says 'Add Pay Monthly Tariff'. Click on this, choose the tariff you want and pay using a credit or debit card and start getting more minutes for your money.
  • If you're not yet a TTNC customer, simply choose your number and add a Pay Monthly tariff to your account when you go through the Order process.

Again, go to our Pay Monthly page to see the rates across all of the tariffs.