Server Upgrade for TTNC!

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Over the past few weeks the technicians at TTNC have been frantically fine tuning a new set of servers ready to be used to upgrade our systems. Early Monday morning we installed the new hardware smoothly and completely, increasing our capacity and the dexterity of services for our customers. The upgrade will see benefits across the board with mainly overall improved service to our customers. The latest technology and infrastructure we have moved to not only acts as an improvement for our services but also protects our customers lines even more by creating more fall backs just in case anything were to go wrong, our services will still operate effectively and never disturb your business.

As with anything new you may experience some subtle differences with your telephone services and the Novero Platform, these are to be expected. If anything seems wrong at all, please do not hesitate to email our Support Department with details of your issue.

We wish our customers a continued and satisfactory stay with us.

The Telephone Number Company Team,