Big Reductions for PAYG SMS and Bulk SMS Bundles


Using SMS as a communications channel can be vital to growth and success in today's business. Open rates and click rates for SMS are much better than email, and it's a lot faster too with delivery times, open times and response times all faster than email.

As our job is to help businesses communicate more effectively and more efficiently, so we want to encourage customers to use SMS, whether it be for TTNC system alerts to receive an SMS for when you miss a call, or for marketing campaigns to send messages to thousands of people.

We think that regardless of how you use SMS, you will see the benefits it can bring to your business right away.

With that said, we're pleased to announce some big price reductions for our outbound SMS services.

What is changing?

The most significant changes are:

• 50% reduction on our pay as you go rate - 6p per SMS (was 12p)
• 37% reduction on our smallest bundle - 5.7p per SMS (was 9p)
• 28% reduction on our largest bundle - 2.9p per SMS (was 4p)

Here are the full details:

Bundle New Rate New Bundle
Old Rate Reduction
PAYG 6p 12p 50%
100 5.7p £5.70 9p 36.7%
500 5.4p £27 6p 10%
1000 5.1p £51 5.5p 7.27%
2,500 4.8p £120 5.25p 8.57%
5,000 4.5p £225 5p 10%
10,000 4.2p £420 4.7p 10.64%
25,000 3.9p £975 4.5p 13.33%
50,000 3.6p £1,800 4.25p 15.29%
100,000 2.9p £2,900 4p 27.5%

What do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything to pay these new rates, they are already live on our system and have been applied to your TTNC account.

How do I use SMS?

A lot of customer use SMS for TTNC system alerts such as Missed Call Alerts, Voicemail Alerts and Low Balance Alerts. All of these alerts can be set up instantly in myTTNC.

Other customers use myTTNC and upload CSV files of contacts and their mobile numbers, write a message and send it right away or schedule it for a specific time.

You can also use our API to send order confirmations, appointment reminders, notifications and other messages from their own platform, CRM or third-party platform such as Zapier.

More information

Please visit our website or help centre for more information about our SMS services or contact us if you have any questions.