The new London number - 0203

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The big city: London is a growing populous that demands everything and puts everything in demand. This is why Ofcom have released a new number range for London - 0203.

With any new Geographic number that’s released, it’s all about growing familiarity.

Although the 0203 range doesn’t have the association the 0207 and 0208 numbers have to their respective areas of London; that doesn’t have to be seen as a over-riding negative. The 0203 number range can transcend the inner - outer London boundaries that the 0207 and 0208 ranges represent.

From a purely fiscal perspective, we only have some of the more memorable 0207 and 0208 numbers left which range from £195+VAT upwards. So, if you’re trying to keep your start up costs as low as possible, the 0203 range affords you an opportunity to get a number for as little as £25+VAT.

Over time, just like the 03 number range, we’ll start to see these 0203 numbers more and more. This means people will become more comfortable with them and they’ll take on their own association; which may not necessarily relate to a specific location with London but will mean the same level of confidence for callers.

It’s difficult to talk about London without a mention of the 2012 Olympics, but the prospect of such a focus on the city is exciting when considering the opportunities this will create. Generating a presence in the city though doesn’t have to wait until 2012 arrives.