The power of Pay As You Go (PAYG) services

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, let me take you on a journey to discover the power and benefits of our PAYG telephone number service.

Dealing with an uncertain amount of calls

All of us here at "Team TTNC" like to help every customer that enters our domain, advising them on their choices for receiving calls. Here are some of the dilemmas that our customers face:

  • “How much traffic will I receive?”
  • “How much call credit am I going to need?”
  • “I’m worried about out of control monthly payments”

Most of the time our customers are not really sure how much traffic is actually going to pass through their virtual number from month to month, especially if they are a new business. So, I tend to advise them to start on PAYG. Simply, the beauty of PAYG is that they're not tied into any contract and there are no monthly charges. From here they can track all the call traffic they are receiving and they are able to govern how much they are spending.

Call credit that keeps on rolling

There's no time limit on the call credit. If you don’t use all the call credit in a month, it just rolls over, making this a customer's dream. So, for example, the minimum you can top up is £25; if you only use £5 in your first month, the remaining £20 rolls over and continues to roll over until you use it all. When the call credit gets down to £5, you really have to make a decision. Do you: 1 - top up manually, or 2 - take full advantage of our Automatic Top Up service.

Letting the machine top you up

Wow! Automatic Top Up is an amazing, interactive setting. When the amount of call credit in your account falls just below £5, with Automatic Top Up, our system will top you up by a minimum of £25, so you will never run out of call credit. This allows the user to relax and worry about more important things in life, like who's going to the pub tonight or what's for dinner?

We find there are many of our customers using PAYG to pay for their calls. They seem to like the flexibility.