TTNC introduces the Refer-a-Friend scheme

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Personal recommendations are a great way of spreading a good thing.

We love it when people come to us because they’ve been referred by one of our existing customers. It’s our hope that by providing a quality service will be enough incentive for this to happen. But it never hurts to give a little more as an incentive, does it?

Refer-a-Friend and be rewarded

The TTNC Refer-a-Friend scheme enables customers to earn call credit every time they refer someone to TTNC, and that person goes on to create their own account with TTNC.

It works in 3 simple steps:

Step 1

A TTNC customer shares their Customer Reference Number with a friend and sends them off to our website to find out about all we have to offer - from our Geographic phone numbers to the advanced Call Management services.

Step 2

Their friend then chooses their numbers and Call Management services, and while they’re registering for their account with TTNC, they’re asked for a ‘Referrer’s Reference’ (that’s the Customer Reference Number).

Step 3

Once TTNC has a new customer, and the Referrer’s Reference was included in the process, we can reward the Referrer. We’ll automatically add £5 of call credit to the Referrer’s account for every new customer they refer.

There are no limits to how many people our customers can refer to us.

Something to shout about

We want everyone to be talking about our numbers and services. Friends, suppliers, anyone - personal recommendations are the best, even if there’s a little incentive involved.