Announcing TTNC’s new control panel - Coming Soon

Here at TTNC we like to give you, the customer, total control over your numbers and services. For many years now the Novero Platform has served as our control panel allowing you to make changes in real time, anytime you need to and anywhere you might be (provided you have an internet connection of course).

But as TTNC has grown as a company and has introduced more and more services, they have ultimately been stapled on to an existing frame, which unfortunately is beginning to struggle under the weight. Also, from a usability point of view, it’s not that great.

So what is the solution to these problems? A brand new control panel!

Out with the old

The Novero Platform was developed by techies, and whilst it does the job, it’s (let’s be honest here) ugly and not that easy to use. Unfortunately, techies think very different to the average person. They’re a bit like Spock - everything must be logical. But normal people don’t think like that.

So when I started to redesign the new control panel about a year and a half a go, I knew the customer had to come first. It not only had to look better, but also had to work better. It had to be easier to use. It had to actually make sense.

Designing the new

After coming up with a number of different layouts, we finally settled on one design which was much clearer and had better navigation. Rather than clumping all links together and having layer upon layer of navigation, we now have more dedicated sections. The number of links and pages has been cut down. It is easier to find what you want and to make changes.

And as well as being easier to use, it looks pretty darn fine. We’ve used some of the latest web technologies available to make it look great, all while using less resources and making it much easier for us to customise in the future.

There is a little bit of bad news for a few of you though. Some of the new technologies we’re using are not compatible with old web browsers (I’m looking at you Internet Explorer 6 and 7), so we recommend upgrading your browser as soon as possible, especially to something like Chrome or Safari. This will enable you to not only take advantage of the new control panel, but also to benefit from a better web. Don’t believe me? Check out this brilliant article on Smashing Magazine to see why you should upgrade your browser.

And without further delay - Introducing myTTNC

With a completely new control panel, comes a new name - myTTNC. Designed from the ground up with the customer in mind, we felt a more personal name was appropriate. We hope to have everything completed by the end of this year (so long as everything goes to plan!) and each week we will be posting a blog post teasing you with a glimpse of some of the new features.

So make sure to follow us on social networks and keep an eye on our blog to get your weekly myTTNC fix. Coming up next week - Call Forwarding.