Amazing numbers drive profitable taxis

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What's the secret behind taxi numbers? Have you ever thought about it? If you were starting a taxi company what would you be looking for in a number? Well, let's have a closer look. I'll start with a story...

Clark and Lindsey are at the train station.

Clark: “Ah man, the train isn't running again.” Lindsey: “Oh, don’t worry I'll call a taxi, will be a lot quicker” Clark: “Yeah. Hang on what's the number?” Lindsey: “I’m not sure; it’s 01784 something.” Clark: “Well, something, darling, doesn’t help us.” Lindsey: “Alright hold your horses!”

15 minutes later...

Clark: “Have you found that number yet?” Lindsey: “No, I can’t remember it” Clark: “Don’t worry we're going to be late now any way”

The secret is memorable numbers

Memorable numbers - this is the key. If the number Lindsey was looking for was, say 01784 22 33 44 or 01784 111 222, Clark would never have been late.

Amalgamating a certain array of digits, makes for amazing numbers. This makes it easy for your customers to remember. Our most memorable Local Numbers are in what we call the Platinum and Diamond ranges. So, if you're the owner of a taxi company these amazing numbers are just £395 or £595+VAT, one off, then a yearly charge of £10+VAT. That's all you pay for the number itself, the only thing you have to think about after this is paying to receive calls from all your lovely fares.

Check out this link to see some of our outstanding numbers (in any UK area).

So, to all you wannabe taxi companies out there, open your eyes - this will blow you away. There are a variety of taxi companies where I dwell with some outstanding numbers. Some of these companies even advertise on the radio with a catchy tune; a song about a number to help you remember it. Have you been bowled over yet? The number is 350 350. Everybody in the city knows it. Here is another one for you - 83 83 83. The dialing code, of course, goes in front of it. But these companies don’t advertise the dialing code because everybody knows the area so the companies just splash the number across the cars as 350 350, for instance. Powerful!

These memorable Local Numbers are so important. Lets just say you work in London. You're driving around in your brand new taxi. You've gone all out for it, driving a Hummer H2, jet black, with massive rims; or a Ford Mondeo, running down the side of the car is...wait for it...020 3151 1511. Boom!

The more catchy your number the bigger the benefits. Your taxi deserves the best.