TTNC's annual review - Top 5 highlights from 2013

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It’s that time of year when everyone’s making lists about the year we’re leaving behind – most watched video on YouTube, biggest selling album of the year, highest grossing film – the list of lists is endless.

So we thought we’d add to it! Here’s our top 5 highlights from TTNC’s year

1- International Numbers

This is a particularly exciting development for us, coming late on in the year. We’ve always strived to be the best service supplier we can be, but that’s dealing mostly with UK based businesses. Now we’re striving to be the best service supplier we can be for a truly global audience.

With numbers available across 40 countries now, including the USA, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, France and Bahrain we’re ready to cover all corners of the globe in 2014.

2 - Standard numbers available at £10 a year

We want to make our numbers accessible to more businesses. Particularly we want to support new start ups and individual trades people, and we understand that cost is a big deal when you’re starting a business. That’s why back in May we reduced the connection charge on our Standard numbers from £25 to £10, across all our number ranges (Local Numbers, 0800 Numbers, 0333 Numbers, as a few examples).

It also makes our lives a little easier when it comes to describing how much a number costs on a yearly basis.

3 - myTTNC’s ongoing development

I think we’ve said this before, but we’re really proud of myTTNC. We’re really glad that since we released this in December 2012, you’ve been telling us how much you like it too. Throughout 2013, we’ve just continued to try and make it better, increase its functionality, improve how it looks and make it even easier to manage all aspects of your telephone number service.

I know this will continue throughout 2014 as well.

4 - Free trial

Really along the same lines as number 2, to make our services more accessible to more users, we’ve introduced the opportunity for potential users to try our services out on a Free trial, before they sign up. We recognise that it’s sometimes only through experience that you can really discover what it is that Virtual Numbers can do for a business.

We’re really pleased at how many of our new customers come through from the recommendations of our existing customers, but with a Free trial, potential users can see it for themselves.

5 - Outbound Fax

Is it ok to say that Fax is an oldie but still a goodie? Our Inbound Fax service has been a staple of our business since we began back in 2004. Finally by adding Outbound Fax we’ve completed the service. You can send faxes from your email, you can receive faxes to your email. No paper, no fax machines, no extra line rental - a time and money saving service.

We hope you’ve enjoyed a successful and fulfilling 2013, and we want to wish you a merry Christmas and very happy New Year. Our offices will be closed on the following dates over the coming weeks:

  • Monday 23rd December 2013 until Thursday 2nd January 2014

Thanks for using TTNC for your telephone number service, we really do appreciate your business, and we look forward to continuing to deliver you the best service we can in 2014.

All the best, from Mark and the rest of the team at TTNC.