070 Pre Call Announcement

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From the 1st of September 2007, originating operators such as BT and Mobile Network Operators are required to provide a Pre Call Announcements to any calls made to 070 Personal Numbers that are charged above 20 pence per minute (ppm) or 20 pence per call (ppc).

On 13th February 2007 Ofcom issued a statement and consultation entitled "Raising Confidence in Telephone Numbers". This statement places a requirement on all Call Originators to provide the free to caller pre call announcement.

Ofcom is doing this to increase consumer protection from abuses on some existing 070 personal numbering services. Consumers often confuse personal numbers with mobile numbers and are often unaware of the potential charges involved in making calls to PNs.

The announcement will advise the caller of the maximum cost of a call of this type and will last approximately 20 seconds.

The pre call announcement will contain the following, or similar, wording: "You have dialled a Personal Number, which starts 070. This is not a Mobile Number. 070 calls from XXX (Operators name) cost up to 50 pence per minute or a fixed fee of up to 51 pence. Charges from other service providers, payphones and via the operator may vary. You have not been charged for this message. Please hold to be connected." This will be followed by a 2 to 3 second pause before connecting the call.