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You may be a whizz at using a certain application or the operating system of your choice, using features that the average user doesn’t even know about, but when it comes to your TTNC numbers and account, would you consider yourself a ‘power user’?

We've compiled a list of 10 'Power features' that you may or may not know about. Have a read through the list and let us know what you think in the comments or on social media - perhaps you even have your own suggestion that we've missed out…?

1. Display your TTNC number when making a call

Your virtual number can often be key to your business and brand (especially if you're a taxi company). You display your business number everywhere, until you have to call a customer, where you either have to display your handset's number or withhold it.

If you register a handset with Dial Through, you can display your virtual number when making a call, helping you to strengthen your brand image.

2. Save your common forwarding destinations

If you have multiple virtual numbers or destinations, then Address Book is the feature for you. Simply save your most common destinations as an address, and then when it comes into setting up your forwarding, you can just enter the nickname of the destination, rather then the number itself (which should be much easier to remember and identify).

But what if you need to make a change to the destination number? You can edit it in one place and the change will be automatically applied to all virtual numbers that use the address. Nifty.

3. What are my forwarding costs?

We try to make our call rates as simple as possible, but it can be difficult to remember the cost per minute, especially when you have multiple number types. So we give you a couple of ways to check your call costs.

In the myTTNC Store, you can find a link to the Check Rate Tool. Simply enter the phone number or location of the destination you want to forward to and we'll display the relevant rates for you.

Did you know you can also quickly check the rates from the Top Up page? Look for the button labelled 'View your call rates' and we'll show the landline and mobile rates across the different number ranges in your account.

4. Forget about topping up

Keeping your business phone number up and running can be vital to the success of your business; if people can't call you, they can't give you their business. We make it easy to keep track of your remaining call credit, but wouldn't it be better to just forget about it and concentrate on managing your business instead?

This is where Automatic Top Up comes in. Set up a payment card and whenever your call credit goes below a certain amount, we'll top you up automatically.

5. Many ways to pay, for your convenience

You're probably aware that you can make payment using credit or debit card. But did you know we also offer a couple of other payment methods?

For starters, if you have a regular payment each month, you can set up Direct Debit, which is an easier, more reliable payment method. Getting set up only takes a minute and you can sit back and relax knowing that all future payments will be taken care of.

If you're making a one off payment for a phone number or service, you can use any spare Pay As You Go call credit you have. Simply select it as a payment method during the order process. The only thing you can't buy is more call credit.

6. Your online call data, offline

Your call data is available to view anywhere at anytime, provided you have an internet connection. This is a great way to keep track of your incoming calls all in real time. But getting online isn't always a possibility.

Did you know you can download a copy of your call logs to view offline? Click the download button below the table to get a .CSV file, containing a record of all the calls for the selected period.

7. Reach out to your customers using one of the most popular forms of communication

With more and more people becoming attached to their mobile phones (not literally), SMS has rapidly become one of the most popular ways to communicate. myTTNC gives you the power to send SMS to your customers on a single or bulk basis, so you can get the message out to your entire customer database.

If displaying your TTNC number isn't branded enough, we can even give you the ability to display your business name instead. Then your customers have no excuse not to recognise who you are.

8. Fax without the fax machine - old school meets new school

Despite being a really old technology, fax is still used by many businesses. But who really wants a fax machine and dedicated fax line? Our comprehensive fax service allows you to send faxes from within myTTNC. And if you don't fancy logging in, you can also send fax straight from your email.

Got a spare number kicking around? Set it up to receive fax messages instead of calls. Then whenever someone sends a fax to your virtual number, we'll convert it to either a TIFF or PDF and send it straight to your email inbox.

9. Keeping everyone in the loop

Making sure everyone is aware of your account activity can be vital to keeping your numbers up and running and the business flowing. That's why we make it easy to keep everyone up to date.

Visit the contacts page in myTTNC to create email contacts for the relevant people in your company. You can specify whether they will receive sales, account or technical emails.

Make sure your phone number never runs out of call credit, by setting up Low Balance Alerts to go to multiple people. Some of our services, such as Voicemail and Missed Call Alert, also allow you to set up multiple contacts, ensuring you never miss out on a call, and more importantly, business.

10. Tell someone you love us and we'll give you free stuff (credit)

We love you and we hope that you love us too. If that's the case, then why not share some of that love? Refer-a-Friend to us and we'll give you £10 of call credit - for free. Just to show how much we love you and appreciate you.

Are you seeing a theme here? It's all about the love.