Increase your business with a Freephone number

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0800 numbers are a well known and very popular number range in the UK. The main reason is that it doesn’t cost anything to call from a UK landline.

Providing an 0800 number for your business can help create a sense of trust with your customers, as it shows you care about them. As an added bonus, it can also encourage people to call you more as they don't need to pay anything.

…unless of course they're calling from a mobile. In which case, they'll be paying ridiculous charges from their mobile provider. But from July 1st 2015, 0800 numbers will finally be free to call from mobiles, making now the perfect time to grab yourself one of these customer friendly numbers.

A long time coming

This is one thing that's always annoyed us here; the cost to call a 'freephone' number from a mobile. With some providers, you could be paying up to a whopping 40p per minute!

This has always been a big barrier when it comes to recommending this range, especially with the huge increase of mobile usage over the last couple of years. We think it's fantastic news to hear that these charges are finally being abolished, meaning 0800 numbers can now truly be called freephone numbers.

How can an 0800 number help your business?

Everybody wants more calls and as a result, get more business. 0800 numbers are a great way to do this. As there is no cost to the caller, this can help improve your business image, as it shows that you're putting your customers first, rather then charging them an arm and a leg to get in touch with you.

If you're a national company, using an 0800 number means you're not tied to a specific area. It can even make your organisation appear much larger than it is, especially if paired with Virtual Receptionist (there's no reason why you can't forward all options to the same destination if you're a small company). You can even forward all calls to your mobile, giving you complete freedom to answer your calls wherever you are.

There's never been a better time to get an 0800 number and we have a great selection of numbers available starting from just £20 a year. So give your business a boost today with a brand new contact number.