5 new features to celebrate myTTNC's 2nd birthday

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Earlier this month, myTTNC turned 2 years old. In that time, we’ve been constantly working hard to make our control panel more useful (and more beautiful).

To celebrate, we’re giving you five new features. Some of these are brand new, whereas some others have been around for a little while. So if you haven’t already seen them, read on to see what you can now do.

1. Use Dial Out to display your TTNC number when making a call

Since we began, we've offered a seamless call forwarding service, regardless of whether you're forwarding to your landline or mobile. However, whenever you've wanted to make a call, you've had to display either the landline or mobile you're calling from or withhold your number. Not great for brand consistency.

If you've logged into myTTNC recently, you may have noticed a little button in the header labeled "Make a Call". Simply click on it, type the number you want to call, the number of the handset you'd like to use to make the call and the TTNC number you'd like to display on your customer's handset.

Click the 'Make call' button and we'll connect you with your customer. By displaying the same number when you dial out as the one you display on your website or promotional material, you can help to strengthen your brand image.

2. Pay for your monthly renewals with Direct Debit

If you've got monthly renewals, such as a Pay Monthly tariff, Bolt Ons or a Package, we've always taken a repeat payment using a credit or debit card saved to your account. And if you don't have a credit or debit card saved to your account, then you'd have to make a manual payment.

We love coming up with new ways to make your life easier, so we're pleased to announce that you can now pay for your monthly renewals using Direct Debit.

Direct Debit is a much more stable way to make regular payments and is less prone to some of the weird reactions you sometimes get when trying to pay by card. So get set up with Direct Debit now and take the hassle out of making repeat payments.

3. Pay for things with call credit

As well as making it easier for you to pay for recurring items, we've also made it easier to make one off payments.

If you've got any spare Pay As You Go call credit, you can now use it to make one off payments for things like new numbers, call management services or to pay an invoice. The only thing you can't buy is more Pay As You Go call credit.

4. More data and better looking Call Statistics

Our Call Statistics have always been a great way to track your call volume, with an itemised break down of every call you've received. When we launched myTTNC, we gave Call Statistics it's own section, with an overview page showing some key headline figures.

A little while back, our Call Statistics overview was given a big overhaul. Not only was the layout improved, but we also added a graph, allowing you to compare the status of your calls either across all numbers, or on a per number basis.

We've also included more figures on this page as well as a list of your most recent calls, so you can quickly see who's just called you, without having to go into your Call Logs.

And speaking of Call Logs, we've also added the ability to call someone back using Dial Out. Simply click on the caller's phone number (so long as it's not withheld) and then use the keypad as normal.

5. Willkommen German numbers!

Last year, we expanded our reach outside the UK by offering phone numbers in 39 other countries. Today we've moved into our 40th country - Germany.

If you're based in Germany or have offices out there, you can now get a German local number to advertise in the local area. We have numbers for 10 different areas, so you're bound to find something to suit your needs.

In the last 2 years we've continued to build upon and improve myTTNC into the excellent control you know and love today. We could stop there, but we're not going to. There's a lot of exciting new things we want to introduce next year, so be sure to keep an eye on our blog and on social media for any announcements. And if you're already an existing customer, get logged in now and start taking advantage of all these great new features now.

We hope you’ve enjoyed a successful and fulfilling 2014, and we want to wish you a merry Christmas and very happy New Year. Our offices will be closed on the following dates over the coming weeks:

  • For Christmas, we're closing at 12pm on Wednesday 24th December, coming back to our normal office hours on Monday 29th December.
  • Then, for New Year, we're closing at 12pm on Wednesday 31st December, coming back to our normal office hours on Friday 2nd January 2015.

Thanks for using TTNC for your telephone number service, we really do appreciate your business, and we look forward to continuing to deliver you the best service we can in 2015.

All the best, from Mark and the rest of the team at TTNC.