A Call Statistics walk through

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We posted a couple of weeks ago about using unique telephone numbers to identify how well your different adverts contribute to getting you business.

I was on holiday so that's why it’s been a couple of weeks to the follow up.

As standard with any number from TTNC we provide itemised Call Statistics. This post is just a quick look through what information is at your fingertips through our online control panel.

Overall Summary

At the top level you can see how many calls you've received across all the numbers in your account and how many minutes have been spent on those calls.

Snapshots per number

As you get further into your account you start to refine the information you see. When looking at overview of the numbers in your account you'll start the number of calls and minutes received through specific numbers for that day. This is updated approximately every 15 minutes.

Itemised real time Call Statistics

If you're someone who needs up to the minute detail for a specific number, you can get it. These are some of the key details:

  • If it's not withheld by the caller, we're automatically capturing the 'CLI' or Caller Line Identification of those people calling you. This is great if you need to follow up the leads you're getting.
  • You'll see the 'Destination' of all your calls, so if you're forwarding to a team, you can see whose picking up most of the work.
  • The 'Status' has many uses. Not wanting focus on a negative but it can help you identify your missed calls. To turn this into a positive, you can combine this with the CLI and you follow them up redeeming potential lost customers.
  • Knowing the 'Call Duration' is great for training. For example, if you find you're missing calls, may be it's a case that your call handlers could work more efficiently through the calls they’re on. Reduce the Call Duration and you can pick up more calls.
  • Similarly to call duration, 'Ring Duration' is a common target for call centres. This can apply to other businesses as well. Answering calls quickly and efficiently promotes a professional image and hopefully increases your value to the customer.

All of this data can be downloaded so you can file it, work on it offline, share it, make pretty graphs and charts, do whatever takes your fancy when it comes to data.

Monthly email

In addition to what you can find online, we'll send you an email every month. This email just gives you some headline information about your top performing numbers.

Information is king!

Information is what should drive the use of virtual numbers. Knowing where to advertise is vital to a business. The place you advertise relates to the type of customer you're targeting and how many you'll be exposed to with that advert. Normally the level of exposure directly impacts how much you'll pay for it, so you want to know you're getting your money's worth.

Hopefully, the business gained will outweigh the cost of the number, so may be it's time to experiment.

As always, give us a call if you want to talk any of this through, we'd be happy to help.