Top 5 benefits of using VoIP

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VoIP - Voice Over IP (VoIP) is a way to make and receive calls over the internet, offering more efficient and cost-effective communication compared to traditional phone lines.

Studies have shown that over 45% of UK businesses are already using a VoIP phone system rather than a traditional PSTN phone line. With the switch off of the analogue phone network taking place in 2025 and ISDN line sales ending in 2020, VoIP is the only option going forward. However there are such a range of providers, it's difficult to know which provider to go with.

Why use VoIP with TTNC?

We have been providing VoIP services for more than 15 years, and our fully hosted VoIP solution requires little more than an internet connection, a TTNC Phone Number, a VoIP User and a VoIP Handset (or the free TTNC Softphone App for Mobile).

There are so many reasons to purchase a VoIP User to allow internet calling with TTNC, here are our top 5...

1. Free Inbound Calls

The most significant benefit of having a VoIP User is cost-effectiveness.

If you're using an 01/02 local geographic number or an 03 non-geo number, all inbound calls are free. This means you can receive many inbound calls and never pay a per-minute charge for any of them - there is no 'fair usage' policies or hidden limits, we don't do that kind of thing.

If you have an 0800 or international number inbound calls will still cheaper than our standard UK Landline or UK Mobile forwarding.

2. Free Internal Calls and Transfers

The great thing about having multiple VoIP Users in your account is that you can give each an internal extension number. This means that you can place internal calls to other extensions and transfer calls internally.

Internal calling is an excellent tool for company-wide communication, but even better when those calls are entirely free! If you have multiple sites or are working from home, each VoIP User can spend their day talking with colleagues on the phone without having to worry about costs.

3. Simple to make low-cost calls displaying your TTNC number

While you want customers to contact you, no doubt you'll also want to be proactive and call your customers and potential new clients.

With a VoIP User, dialling out displaying your TTNC number is simple and a lot cheaper than using our standard Dial Through service. Calling a landline from as little as £0.011/minute (1.1p) and a UK Mobile from only £0.04/minute (4p), it's a no-brainer.

4. TTNC Softphone App for Mobile

Completely designed to be used with our VoIP User service, the Softphone app means that you can make and receive calls on your mobile, with all the benefits of VoIP. It enables you and your team to communicate more effectively and efficiently from any location with an internet connection.

The TTNC Softphone App for Mobile has been designed with efficiency in mind; featuring push notifications to save your battery life and instant registration via a QR Code. We also have a Desktop version of the Softphone App, allowing you to choose how you want to work.

5. Register multiple devices to make and receive calls anywhere

You can register your VoIP User on a Deskphone as well as the TTNC Softphone App for Mobile and Desktop giving you the freedom to answer a call as you wish, wherever you are.

Great for those on the go, you can answer a call in the office, on the train or anywhere else you need to be.

We also can supply you with VoIP Hardware - our full range can be found here. - All our handsets come pre-configured with your VoIP User details, this means that when your items arrive, with Next Day delivery, all you need to do is unpack, plug in and they're ready to go.