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Customer Experience is definitely a buzz phrase; but I like it. I like it more than Customer Service. I like the fact that it's a bit more holistic; the word experience covers every aspect of a customer's interaction with you as a business.

Obviously for us, as a telephone number provider, we're involved in helping our users create a positive customer experience. We enable this through what we call Call Management services. How you manage your calls is often the first experience a potential customer has of your business, so this is vital.

Answering calls

Your callers want something. They've dialled your number, so really they want to talk to you. For us then, it's important that we have a good system that means you get the calls that are forwarded - and we do have a good system. It's very stable.

Then, it's important that you have options in how you receive the calls. We can forward to landlines or mobiles, in the UK or overseas. You can forward to more than one destination (we talked about Hunt Groups in our last blog post).

With a service like Forward to All, you can set up more than one destination to receive your calls, but have them ring all at the same time.

Creating a professional image

How about improving your first impressions. Using services like Call Greeting and Virtual Receptionist, you can present a professional greeting message. In the case of Virtual Receptionist you can present options to your callers to help get them to the right person who can help with their enquiry.

Quick response

As much as you can add services, like we've briefly mentioned above, that will help answer your calls, if you're just one man trying to run a business there are going to be occasions where you miss calls. Well, as you'd expect, we have services for that. We've provide a Voicemail service but there's also Missed Call Alert. Within 15 seconds of missing a call you'll know about it and be able to go back to that customer. To use another buzz phrase, you could call that a closed loop experience.

As there are 20 services, we know it can be quite daunting to know what to make use of. That's why we'd be happy to hear from you. You tell us what you're trying to achieve and we can suggest what services will help you achieve that. Give us a call or drop us an email.